Ghana Sim Registration App Download 2022

Ghana SIM Card Self-Service Registration App

The Ghana National Communications Authority (NCA) has officially launched the Sim Registration App which is currently available for download on Google play store. To learn more about the app, how to download and register your sim card, please check the details below.

Details of the SIM Card Registration App

  • SIM Registration App is called ‘GH SIM SELF REG’.
  • The App is currently available for downloads on google play store and will be available on the Apple Store soon.
  • The App is intended for users who have completed their Stage 1 (*404#) of their SIM card registration to complete Stage 2

How To Download The Ghana Sim Registration App 2022 

The Sim Card Registration App is currently available for download on Google Play Store;

The app is expected to soon be available on Apple Store for iPhone users to register their SIM cards.


Purpose of the App 

  • The App provides another means for telecom subscribers to complete their SIM Card Registration using the Ghana Card
  • The benefits of the Application include providing convenience for subscribers as they can register in the comfort of their homes, offices or other convenient locations.
  • Subscribers who prefer to physically go to their Service Provider’s registration points to complete Stage 2 can still do so.

GH SIM SELF REG: Requirements for the App

  • Before using the App, users must have completed Stage 1 (*404#) of their SIM card registration to complete Stage 2
  • This App currently only accepts or supports Ghana Card.

Cost of Using The Registration App

  • The cost of using the Sim Registration App is GHS 5.00 per SIM Registration.
  • However, the SIM card registration is still free of charge at your Network Operator’s office or through their authorized agents.

How To Use the Ghana Sim Registration App 2022

Step 1 You will need to download the App from Google Store.
Step 2 Once you download the App, you have to create an Account by providing your: Phone number (note that the number does not necessarily have to be the SIM you are registering), Email addressFirst name and last name and A 4-digit PIN.
Step 3 Log-on using the credentials you created in step 2 to start the registration.
Step 4 Select the type of ID you will be using choosing the Ghana Card.
Step 5 Select your network provider (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo and Glo) from the list provided.
Step 6 After network selection, enter the number of the SIM you want to register.
Step 7 Enter the phone number you want to use for mobile payment.  If you are using the same number, you entered when you were creating the account, you can leave it blank.
Step 8 One you have selected the Ghana Card ID, enter your unique code, the number your network operator provided to you when you did the *404.  If you forget the unique code number, you can dial *400 on your network.  If you have not yet linked your Ghana card ID with your phone number, please do so by dialing *404 to do so.
Step 9 After validation of your subscriber unique code, you will be prompted to confirm your payment.  Click on confirm to initiate the payment process.  The mobile money provider will send you SMS to enter your PIN to confirm you are paying for SIM registration.  After the payment is confirmed, the app will send you to step 11.   If you do not receive notification on your mobile money account for payment to be authorized, kindly go to your mobile money menu to verify if there is any pending request.   Payment for the use of the Self-Service App is via Mobile Money. For subscribers who do not have mobile money, payment can be via a Mobile Money number as long as you have the permission to do so.   During registration via the Self-Service App, the subscriber will have to enter the Mobile Money number, the owner of the Mobile Money account will receive a message to confirm payment. Once payment is confirmed and made, the subscriber can then proceed with the registration.   Where users do not receive an automatic prompt to make payment, they should follow the process of the Mobile Money service provider and go to the option to approve payment.
Step 10 You will need to scan your Ghana Card ID. The app will load your personal information and the document number on the screen. Please pay attention to the screen and follow the prompts on the screen to capture the front and back of your Ghana Card.
Step 11 After scanning your Ghana Card, the app will ask you take a selfie for a liveness and likeness check.  The app will ask to put your face within the oval space on the screen and wait for the green edges to ensure you are well positioned.  You will be asked to move closer to finalize the liveness and likeness check.  As you are moving closer, ensure your face remains within the oval part of the screen and the edges are green.  After following the instructions properly, the app will capture your selfie to compare with your photo ID.  If successful, the app will send you to the next step to scan your fingerprints.
Step 12 You will see a screen with the instructions on how to scan your fingerprints.  After reading the instructions, click to start scanning.
Step 13 First scan your left four fingerprints using the Camera on your phone.  During the scanning, look at the instructions on the screen until your four fingers are marked with a green circle and keep it steady at that point and the app will capture the fingerprints.Then, scan your four right fingerprints using the Camera on your phone and follow same instructions.If successful, you will get a notification that you are done with this for both your left and right fingerprints.
Step 14 Click on Continue to go on with the registration.  You will get a Pop Up asking you to validate your Ghana Card ID. The pop up will display a summary screen including your photo ID, selfie, and the fingerprints.  Please review and ensure that your captured information is accurate. There are 2 options; Change – If you click change, you will get a text field to correct your Ghana Card ID.Confirm – If you click confirm, you can then enter your Digital Address and click on continue to finalize the registration.
Step 15 You will receive an SMS notification that you have successfully completed the process. If your registration is not successful, you will get a pop up message telling you why it was not successful.  Please check the list of possible errors and take the corrective actions.
Sim Registration App
Sim Registration App

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What Is Ghana Sim Registration App?

  • It is a mobile application allowing subscribers on Ghana mobile networks (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo and Glo) to complete their SIM Card Registration using their Ghana Card ID.

The name of the App is GH Self SIM Reg.


Who can use the App?

  • Subscribers can also use the App to finish their registration if they have completed Stage 1 and have the Unique Code.

What Do You Need to Use the App

  • Smart Phone
  • Ghana Card
  • Internet Access
  • Email Address
  • Unique Code for your SIM after Stage 1 Registration
  • Ghana Digital Address
  • Mobile Money Account (does not have to be a Mobile Money account for the SIM that is being registered.

Sim Registration App Contact & Assistance

  • For further information, please contact NCA on Toll Free – 0800 110 622

SIM Registration Self Service App – Possible Errors and Corrective Actions

  Description Meaning Action
1 Invalid SUUID Unique code does not match SUUID. Re-enter the unique code or check the phone number. You can dial *400# to get your Unique Code.
2 B-Cap already captured Phone has already done the B-Cap. You do not need to continue the registration: it has been completed already.
3 Selfie does not match The selfie does not match the image on the Ghana Card. Retake the selfie and follow the instructions. Make sure that there is enough light around.
4 Registration fails: Ghana Card ID not matching Ghana Card ID used to do registration does not match original Ghana Card ID Check Ghana Card ID or re-enter the Ghana Card ID.
5 You have to confirm you read the disclaimer User has not confirmed disclaimer. Users need to click on check box to confirm they have read the disclaimer.
6 Finger Prints not scanned The subscriber tries to go to next step without capturing the finger prints. User needs to scan your finger prints: Left four fore fingers and then your right four fore fingers.
7 Your registration is succesful The registration process has been completed successfully. The user does not need to take any further action.
8 You need to validate the payment User has not yet validated the payment by confirming payment request sent to the Mobile Money account via USSD. User needs to check for the Mobile Money account being used for payment and confirm payment.
9 Invalid phone number User has entered an incorrect phone number. User needs to re-enter the phone number.
10 Please provide your SUUID User has not entered Unique Code. User needs to enter Unique Code.
11 There was an error validating your checking your Unique Code: please try again The system could not contact the network provider to valid Unique Code and phone number The user will need to try again later.
12 Time Out The app can’t communicate to the Network: there is a delay to get an answer. Ask the customer at which steps he is having the time out and try again.


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