How to register your SIM card in Ghana with your passport – Sam George explains

Sam George explains How to register your SIM card in Ghana with your passport

Samuel Nartey George, MP for Ningo-Prampram, has provided instructions on how Ghanaians can register for their SIM cards with their passports without having to wait in line for a Ghana Card.

With the ongoing re-registration procedure, the Ghanaian government has created a self-service SIM Registration App in order to address various issues.

Metro TV’s ‘Good Morning Ghana’ program featured Sam Nartey George on August 2, 2022 where he explained how Ghanaians can use their passports for this initiative.

Sam George’s Explanation on How to register your SIM card with your passport 

The member of Parliament’s Communications Committee explained to Ghanaians how they can use their passport to register their SIM cards using the app.

He explained that “[the minister has said] As a foreigner entering Ghana, you can register your SIM card with your passport and use it for the first three months of your stay in Ghana. However, if you plan to stay in Ghana for longer than three months, you must obtain a Ghana Card.”

“Minister said you can use the App to register your SIM card with your passport for Ghanaians living outside of Ghana who did not obtain a Ghana Card before departing and do not plan to return to Ghana within three months.

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Because we’re doing God’s work, [I’ll show people how they can use the passport to register in Ghana here] someone asked me how they would know that I’m outside of the country if I use the App. I explained that it’s because of the IP [Internet Protocol address].”

Sam George the suggested that people who do not have Ghana Cards and hence cannot register their SIM cards should download the SIM registration app, but first they should download a VPN [Virtual Private Network] and put themselves in another country, and then use their passports to register their SIM cards.

In other words (from Sam George’s explanation); 

  • Download a VPN [Virtual Private Network]
  • Use the VPN app to put yourself in another country
  • Download the SIM registration app,
  • Then use your passport to register your SIM card.

Ghana’s SIM Card Registration 

The re-registration of SIM cards was planned to run from October 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022 but later extended to September 30, 2022. Ursula Owusu Ekuful, the Minister of Communication of Ghana, has stated that any SIM that is not registered within this time frame will be permanently blocked.

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