How To Correct Wrong Date Of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate

How To Correct Wrong Date Of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate

Here is how to correct wrong date of birth on your WAEC Certificate. The process of getting your wrong date of birth on your WAEC certificate can be corrected easier than you might think.

However, you’ll need to gather some documents and send them along with your WAEC Certificate to the right place with the right proceedure. Follow these instructions to get it done correctly and safely within the required time frame so that you can get your WAEC Certificate corrected as soon as possible.

How To Correct Wrong Date of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate

If the birth date on your WAEC certificate is incorrect, you must send an attestation letter, a letter of correction, an original birth certificate, your WAEC results, an affidavit, and a fee of GH₵ 149.48 to WAEC so that the adjustments or changes can be made.

Kindly check below for the full details on how to correct the wrong date.

Requirements For the Correction of Wrong Date Of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate

  1. Correction Letter: The correction letter is is a letter that enables you to list the inaccuracies detected in the WAEC result or certificate; please be sure to acknowledge the errors.
  2. Attestation Letter: This is a letter that must be issued by your school to demonstrate or attest that you enrolled there.
  3. Birth Certificate: You must provide your original birth certificate
  4. WAEC Result or Certificate: You must provide your WAEC result or certificate (one which has the error on it)
  5. Affidavit: Could be provided whether for correction of name or date of birth, based on the circumstances.
  6. School Register: You must submit your school register proving you are among the School’s graduates for that year (for graduates).
  7. Fee for Change: A cash payment of for the change of the date of birth (As at the time of this writing, the fee is GH₵ 149.48, however the price could change with time).
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Once you have gathered the aforementioned materials, you can visit any WAEC zonal office to initiate the application process to change your date of birth.

How Long will it Take to Change The Date of Birth on my WAEC Certificate? 

After the money has been made and a receipt has been produced, the duration of the process is anticipated to be between 3 and 6 months.

How will I get the Certificate after the Correction? 

WAEC will inform you once your new certificate is available for in-person pickup or online download.

Important to Note: 

Due to an upsurge in instances of candidates misrepresenting their ages to suit their own interests, WAEC has temporarily suspended this service.

Candidates who have recently received their results are able to make modifications to their certificates by submitting the documents above.


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