Shocking Health Implications of Sobolo (roselle juice)

Health benefits and side effects of Sobolo (roselle juice)

If one is left to mention some indigenous drinks or juices that is most cherished especially in the Ghanaian and most African communities, “Sobolo” won’t be left out. It is a healthy juice which is cherished at most places.

sobolo (in Ghana), Bissap (in Benin, Senegal, Congo, Mali, and Burkina Faso), zobo (in Nigeria), wonjo, foléré, dabileni, tsobo (in other parts of Africa), sorrel (in the Caribbean), and agua de Jamaica (in Mexico) are some of the other names for Roselle juice.

Roselle juice is made from the flowers of the Roselle plant, which is a species of Hibiscus. In most countries, the juice is usually sweetened and served chilled for best experience. However, it is called hibiscus tea when served hot.

It has been widely patronized due to its health benefits along with its nice taste. In this article, You’ll be educated on all the Health Implications of Sobolo, the roselle juice that might shock you to some extent.

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Shocking Positive Implications of Sobolo (roselle juice) To Your Health

To begin, we are first of all going to look at the health benefits of Sobolo:

1. Manages Common Cold, cough And Boosts The Immune System

Vitamin C can be found in the roselle plant. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a very important nutrient that is known to heal wounds, treat common colds, and relieve throat pains. Everyone requires vitamin C in order to boost their immune system. It is a necessary nutrient for the body to strengthen and promote the activities of the immune system.

Roselle is most effective for common colds and simple throat infections when combined with natural pineapple juice and ginger and consumed hot.


2. Roselle Juice has anti-cancer compounds:

Polyphenols have been discovered in roselle juice, according to studies.
Polyphenols are found in abundance in plants. The above-mentioned element found in Sobolo has some amazing properties that help to improve a person’s overall health.
Furthermore, polyphenol’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been linked to a lower risk of cancer in people who consume hibiscus. The point made above has also been proven true by experimental results.

3. Helps To Maintain A Normal Blood Pressure

According to research, hibiscus can help in the management of blood pressure and keep your blood vessels healthy and strong at all times. This will eventually help in good circulation in the human body.

It is acceptable by all, that a normal blood pressure is a very important part of our livelihood. This is because without pressure in the blood, oxygen and other important components can never be flow in the body. This is who having an abnormal blood pressure could be dangerous.

Since hibiscus species  reduce chronic inflammation (which can lead to heart diseases) and improves smooth blood circulation, it is advisable to consume hibiscus tea.


4. Reduces Your Diabetes Risk

As mentioned earlier, Roselle plant contains a key component called polyphenols. This component also has the ability to lower and help control your blood sugar levels.
Polyphenols are responsible for stimulating the release of insulin. 
Additionally, ensuring to maintain a low insulin resistance and healthy blood sugar levels greatly reduces your chances of developing serious conditions like diabetes and even obesity. This is why it is advisable to consume foods that contains polyphenols like Roselle juice.

5. Helps in weight Loss

If you’re trying to shed a few pounds, this could be good news. According to studies, hibiscus extract reduces starch and glucose absorption (which could be responsible for weight gain). It also has the effect of speeding up digestion.
Because there will be less carbohydrate in your body, the absorption of starch and glucose will help you lose weight.
This is why hibiscus extracts are found in so many weight-loss products today.
6. Strengthens Bones And Teeth

Luckily, hibiscus extracts contain calcium. This mineral or nutrients is associated with healthy/strong bones and teeth. Therefore, people who consume Hibiscus tea are more likely to have stronger bones and teeth as compared to persons who don’t drink the tea in question.

Well, calcium is not only needed for strong bones and teeth but also for the heart, muscles and nerves. For all these body parts to function properly, they also need the intervention of calcium.

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Shocking Negative Implications of Sobolo (roselle juice) To Your Health

What Are The Side Effects Of Roselle Juice?

The juice of roselle has a high potential for lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. As a result, diabetics are also affected. People with high blood pressure who are on medication should exercise caution. This is because it may lower your blood sugar and blood pressure, which could be harmful to your health. To be safe, consult your physician before consuming Roselle juice.
Hibiscus tea should not be consumed by pregnant women. It has been linked to miscarriages. Before attempting to drink hibiscus tea, nursing mothers should consult their healthcare providers.

By now, I believe you have understood the Health benefits and side effects of Sobolo (roselle juice). Kindly follow us for more updates like this and help share this article if you found it very informative. Thank You for your time.

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