5000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany 2023

5000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany

Here are over 5000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany to all interested applicants. More than 5,000 fully funded scholarships are available in Germany, and applications are now being accepted from overseas students. Germany is one of the few European countries that offers fully funded university education.

Therefore, they encourage submissions from international students who are interested in their Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs. To study in any field, they welcome applications from students all over the world.

Details of the 5000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany 2023

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Study Level: Bachelors, Masters/MPhil, MBA, LLM, PhD
  • Study Field: Any field of Interest

Why Study in Germany? 

If you are wondering about the benefits or impacts of studying in Germany, kindly check below:

  1. Each year, the government of Germany awards approximately 100,000 scholarships to international students.
  2. In addition, part-time employment opportunities are open to international students. So students can work while schooling.
  3. Most German universities offer tuition-free education
  4. They also offer education with world-class facilities and expert services from staff.
  5. Students with valid Student Visas are free to travel across Europe.
  6. Students are free to choose from hundreds of different courses in the country.
  7. Germany offers a low cost of living in comparison to other nations
  8. International students don’t need to know or understand the German language in order to study there.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany 2023

1. The Government of Germany Scholarships 2023 

The German government offers full financial support or Scholarships to qualified international students enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at any of Germany’s top universities.

  • Check the Scholarships’ Official Announcement page HERE
  • Additionally, Check the full List of the closing dates and courses available HERE

2. The Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship 2023

Every year, 1,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral international students are given the opportunity to further their education with the help of this scholarship. The scholarship provides for the recipient’s full financial support, including the payment of tuition, a living stipend, support for dependents, medical coverage, and overseas travel and study.

To visit their official website, Click HERE

3. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships is one of the amazing scholarships in Germany. The monthly stipend, travel subsidy, health insurance premium, book stipend, and tuition costs are all covered by this generous international scholarship from Friedrich Germany.

To visit their official website for more information, Click HERE

4. University of Freiburg Scholarships

When it comes to public research universities in Germany, the University of Freiburg is a strong contender. Applications from prospective international students are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can submit their application at any time.

To visit their official website, Click HERE

5. The DAAD/MIPLC Scholarship Program 2022/2023

To put it simply, the MIPLC is a part of the DAAD Scholarship Program. It’s an opportunity for students from low-income countries to earn a Master’s or Doctorate degree at no cost to themselves.

To visit their official website to begin application, Click HERE

6. Hof University, Germany Scholarship

When it comes to attracting international students, Hof University is among the best in Germany. This scholarship provides financial assistance to international students studying in Germany. The money will go toward things like rent and books while they’re in school.

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To visit their official website to begin application, Click HERE

7. The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship 

The Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship is a Scholarship that is available at German Universities. It is open to applicants all over the world who wish to study Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at public and state-recognized universities in Germany.

To visit their official website to begin application, Click HERE

8. IU University Scholarships 

IU celebrated reaching over 100,000 students as Germany’s largest university this year. Through its competitive scholarships, IU ensures equal opportunities for students around the world. IU offers up-to-date study programmes taught by professors with at least three years’ professional industry experience. You can choose from a variety of degree programmes at IU.

To visit their official website to begin application, Click HERE


The above listed are the 5000+ Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany 2023 for persons who would like to study in Germany easily and on Scholarship. You can read more on other scholarships programs below:

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