Fresh Slots At Underground Mining Alliance

Underground Mining Alliance

There are fresh employment slots At Underground Mining Alliance The Heavy-Duty Fitter, should be someone who is qualified and has experience. This is a Fixed-Term Contract job based in Obuasi with a competitive work schedule at its Obuasi operation. For the right candidate, the compensation package includes a good salary and bonuses based on how well they do their job.

You will have a great chance to advance your career in underground mechanized mining while working with experienced industry professionals in a safe, fast-paced, and goal-oriented environment.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Workshop jobs include taking care of a large underground mining fleet.
  • Go to places underground and on the surface where machines are breaking down.
  • Trucks, Bogger, IT, Jumbo, Sandvik production drills, Normet charmec, Agi Truck, and Spraymec machines are inspected to make sure they keep working well.
  • Using schematics, manuals, and electronic testing equipment to figure out what’s wrong with mechanical and hydraulic systems.
  • Adjusting equipment so that it works at its best, finding problems, and replacing broken parts.
  • Fixing and rebuilding worn and broken parts of equipment.
  • Heavy-duty vehicles need to be serviced daily and at set times to keep them running well.
  • Check the machines and organize the parts that are needed to fix them before they break down.
  • Changing out and fixing major parts of buckets, engines, transmissions, and drivelines when they need it.
  • Talking to other mechanics to share knowledge and experience can help everyone fix things right.
  • Telling the supervisor about broken or broken-down equipment and things that need to be fixed.

Skills or Experience Required:

  • At least three years of experience operating Underground Haulage equipment in a mechanized hard rock mine, preferably underground.
  • NVTI Part III or a diploma or degree in mechanical engineering from a recognized school.
  • A certification from MINCOM as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic/Fitter will be a plus.
  • Proven work experience in a mining environment as a Diesel or Heavy Equipment Mechanic.
  • Experience with Sandvik LH517I, LH621, LH517, and LH514 Boggers in underground mining tele-remote bogging is a plus.
  • Must have a valid Ghanaian driver’s license and operating license (Classes C and E) and be able to drive underground.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team; must have strong work ethics and be able to talk to coworkers in a polite way; must be able to work under pressure and switch shifts; must have a basic understanding of computer testing technologies.
  • Able to show the right amount of safety awareness
  • A proactive approach to safety and figuring out where dangers are.
  • Diesel engines and mining and construction equipment are well understood.
  • Flexible and willing to help with a wide range of tasks and responsibilities
  • If needed, they can work after hours.
  • Good at talking to people.

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How to Apply for this Job Opening at Underground Mining Alliance’s Fresh Slots

Forward your application together with a detailed resume and proof of your qualifications to:

Deadline: February 14, 2023.

Please note that only applicants who are shortlisted will be contacted.

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