Employment Opportunity At DHL Ghana


A new Employment Opportunity has surfaced at DHL Ghana. They are hiring a Head of Sales. The incumbent will shape, drive, and manage the sales function and define the country-level strategy to increase business growth and profitability, keep customers, improve competitive positioning, and make the best use of resources in line with business strategy, financial goals, and Group guidelines and policies.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Define the sales strategy for the country so that sales goals can be passed down and met in accordance with the business strategy, financial goals, Group policies and standards.
  • Lead, oversee, and manage highly strategic activities and projects that have a big effect on overall results and a very high-risk potential for the business.
  • Tell customers and internal stakeholders about your market-leading position and your vision/strategy goals.
  • Drive market acquisition and retention strategies to grow sales in the country as much as possible and make as much money as possible.
  • Supporting customer strategies, contract talks, and the supply chain management strategy will help you keep customers, grow your business, and make more money.
  • Approve policies for the role in the country about pricing, product mix, and brand portfolio.
  • Set up areas for improvement based on pipeline reporting and sales success.
  • Analyze the value of key technologies and the growth of industries, and figure out what needs to change for the country to work.
  • Set up the right methods and infrastructure to support growth, improve sales performance, and make the best use of resources.
  • Help important customers and drive cross-selling and cooperation in the country.
  • Control tools for keeping an eye on the competition and sharing information and best practices with the right people.
  • Set up the right methods and infrastructure to support growth, improve sales performance, and make the best use of resources.
  • Create and implement systems to track sales performance, report on sales management, and oversee and approve big sales strategy and development projects.
  • Analyze complicated problems in depth and think of ways to make sales methods and techniques better or different
  • Deliver new ideas that directly affect how the function works and how money is made in the country.
  • Reach a deal with outside parties to accept full plans and programs where there is little interest in working together or taking part.
  • Negotiate and approve important agreements and contracts, making big changes to terms and conditions when necessary. Lead, direct, teach, and improve the performance of the country sales team.

Skills, qualifications, and experience:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in an area related to the job
  • A master’s degree will be beneficial
  • At least ten (10) years of work in sales or a similar field
  • Lead the sales function or multiple sub-functions on a country level. Able to promote cooperation and partnerships to provide integrated solutions to issues.
  • Ability to build strong, trusting relationships with leaders across DPDHL and partner companies
  • Have a good business sense and know about Market Trends, Product Development, and Business Strategy.
  • Set up and use strategies that have a long-term (5+ years) effect on business results, are in line with global goals, and have a direct effect on the business strategy of the company.
  • Well-developed speaking and writing skills
  • Honest, dependable, and worthy of trust

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  • A fair salary
  • Flexible work schedule and location
  • A Chance to work for a global company where you can use your skills and thoughts to help them reach our goals.

How To Submit An Application For DHL Ghana’s Employment Opportunity 

Apply Online Here

Closing Date: 5th May, 2023

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