Berea College No-Tuition Promise and Accommodation Waiver

Berea College Portal: No-Tuition Promise and Accommodation Waiver

Berea College in Canada, offers no-tuition promise for up about $150,000 and waivers for accommodation.

Berea College No-Tuition Promise

As a Berea College student, you will receive the highest quality education without breaking the bank. Berea University’s No-Tuition Promise guarantees no student pays tuition. This helps students save an amount of about $150,000 over a period of 4 years.

About Berea College 

Berea is dedicated to providing students of exceptional promise with access to a top-tier education, fully-funded internships and study-abroad programs, and the resources they’ll need to succeed even after they graduate. We are and have always been an institution unlike any other, thanks to the quality of our education (which consistently ranks well), the quality of our work program (which consistently ranks high), and our longstanding dedication to diversity.

Why No Student Pays Tuition

Berea College has always made it a priority to offer a high-caliber liberal arts education to students who might not have the financial means to attend otherwise.

Low-income students may find it more challenging to reach their full potential because of their debt loads. “Berea College hopes to help students transcend the financial barriers to achieving a better life”.

Academics with Berea College 

Those who choose to further their education at Berea will graduate with the tools they need to succeed in life. The College, which Washington Monthly ranks as the thirteenth best liberal arts institution in the United States, offers students a wide variety of out-of-classroom learning experiences, including convocations, internships, study abroad, and more.

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  • There are 33 different Bachelor’s degree concentrations available in the arts and sciences.
  • There are also 16 honor Societies
  • Students can choose between pre-professional programs and independent/student-designed majors.

Work and Study Program

Students at Berea College take part in both our rigorous academics and our Work Program. If they want to be a member of the Program, students have to work for 10 hours a week at one of the campus’s 130 different work departments.

Students benefit financially, but also in the long run since they acquire marketable skills. A Berea alumnus or alumna enters the workforce with a solid set of references, a record of their previous employment, minimal if any student loan debt, and an edge in the job market.

Additional Information and How To Apply for Admissions

To get additional information on the Berea College No-Tuition Promise and Accommodation Waiver as well as details on how to get admission, kindly follow the instructions below;

  • Visit the Berea College Admissions Portal Here
  • On the admissions page, select or choose the type of admission you wish to apply for (could be as a local, international or transfer student)

For information on No-Tuition, Check Here 

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