What Do Women Think Of Men Who Can Cook? Find Out Here

What Do Women Think Of Men Who Can Cook?

What Do Women Think Of Men Who Can Cook? To stand out in the dating scene, you need to learn new skills, and cooking is one of those skills that will help you do just that.

While some modern women find a man who can cook to be appealing in many ways, there are still others who prefer to do the cooking themselves – and don’t want a man in the kitchen. Find out on what women think of men who can cook.

What Do Women Think Of Men Who Can Cook?

1. Cooking is Sexy

A man Cooking is sexy

Women enjoy watching a man in the kitchen. Yes, you read that correctly. “A man in the kitchen is incredibly hot,” most women attest to this fact. A man’s cooking usually makes it impossible not to fall in love with him.

I can’t help but agree. It’s indeed a mysterious one but that’s the reality.

If a man can finely make something, I wonder what else he can delicately do!

Even if it’s only making a cup of coffee or a simple drink, cooking is a pleasurable experience. Women find bartenders attractive because of their sex appeal.

When a man is in the kitchen, women find him attractive. This is backed up by research.

2. Men who can cook offer new experiences

Men who can cook offer new experiences

A man who can cook can add something new and positive into a woman’s life. They are an asset and that is a desirable trait to have.

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With their ability to cook, they can make food you’ve never heard about or eaten before, a skill that can impress and drew you in more.

New experiences with food helped you grow in awareness when it comes to different cultures and health benefits, and this is is accurately a huge turn on for most ladies.

3. Food Is A Conversation Starter And Saver

Food Is A Conversation Starter And Saver

Everyone enjoys eating.Everyone enjoys a tasty treat. Also, eating is a favorite topic of conversation. If you and your date enjoy dining out, you can speak about your favorite dishes, but if you both enjoy cooking, you can take your discussions to the next level.. Having conversations around cooking makes it easy to share positive and bad experiences regarding cooking dishes.

Surely everyone has had both positive and negative events in their lives!? Those events can be used as a conversation starter or as a way to keep the conversation going when there is nothing else to talk about.

Any lady, unless she’s allergic to food, will benefit from your knowledge of how to prepare meals. As long as she enjoys eating and you have some skill in the kitchen, your ability to cook can help you connect with any lady.

4. Cooking Makes Romantic Dinners Possible

Cooking Makes Romantic Dinners Possible

For many women, romance is an essential component. The ability to prepare a romantic meal and set the mood at home is another benefit for guys who are good cooks. While dining out can be enjoyable, being at home can allow you to be as sexual and romantic as you desire.

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5. Men Who Can Cook Get Great Dates Even When Broke

What Women Think Of Men Who Can Cook

If a man is good at cooking, he can always arrange a low-cost date (picnic or at home). So he doesn’t have to stop dating because he’s broke!

That means no more excuses for why you can’t go out because you can’t afford it any more. A picnic is an inexpensive and romantic option for a first date, and as your relationship progresses, you’ll be more comfortable bringing her over for a home-cooked meal.

6. Most women are not interested in stereotypical Boyfriends

Most women are not interested in stereotypical Boyfriends

When a woman is assessing your attractiveness, she is contemplating the future in some way. You can demonstrate your non-stereotypical character traits by cooking for a woman.

Too many women have grown up with a mother who is has the RESPONSIBILITY to cook, and a father who sits on his ass and drinks beer or watch TV until she is finished.

For many women today, the idea that their boyfriend will expect them to cook every night and will never be served a meal lest in a take away pack is irritating and upsetting.

She knows she won’t have to start cooking at 4 p.m. every day to keep her husband happy and irritated when she sees that you can cook and that you enjoy doing it.


By now, I believe you’ve found out why most women think of men who can cook. Although every woman has her own way of evaluating a man, it it generally believed that women actually love men who love to be in the kitchen for cooking. Let us know your thoughts as well in the comments section and do not forget to share this article to get others informed.

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