YEA Graduate Trainee Program at Amalitech

YEA Amalitech Graduate Trainee Program

The Youth Employment Agency, YEA Graduate Trainee Program at Amalitech is now open for applicants to submit applications. 

The YEA Amalitech Ghana Graduate Trainee Program seeks to help connect young graduates from Sub-Saharan Africa with the global demand for tech expertise and secure employment opportunities. 

About the YEA Amalitech Graduate Trainee Program 

The AmaliTech Graduate Training Programme periodically accepts graduates who are interested to receiving free training in IT/Digital skills, expanding their potential career options.


This is a Part-Time training by status. The training course can be taken at your own pace, online, and with the help of expert teachers. The total time allotted to the training program is eight (8) months, of which one (1) month must be spent on a required capstone project. Trainees who are particularly quick learners and have a lot of experience can finish the entire training program and capstone project in three months.


Graduates who have a background in information technology or digital media and are willing to participate in the Training program for rigorous upskill training for careers in those fields are welcome to apply for the Graduate Trainee Programme. You can also check for Graduates Needed At Schlumberger. 

Responsibilities of the YEA Graduate Trainee Program 

With this training, participants will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After completing the prerequisites, trainees will be able to choose from three different specializations. Skill sets and corresponding careers are listed below: 

  • Front-end Developer: VueJS, ReactJS
  • Back-end Developer: NodeJS, Python (Django)
  • Full stack Developer: VueJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Python (Django)
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  • A Minimum of an HND or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer/Software Engineering, IT, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Physics or Engineering
  • Must be Familiar with Data Structures, Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming during their undergraduate studies
  • Must have strong interest and temperament for Computer Programming
  • Must have completed or about to complete National Service
  • Good working knowledge in at least one of the programming languages (especially Java, JavaScript, Python) is an added advantage
  • Previous software development or data analytics experience could be an added advantage


Graduate Trainees, upon completing the training program, have three possible career paths to choose from:

  • An offer of work at one of our Service Centres is available to them.
  • We also urge our users to strike out on their own, and they can use AmaliTech as a springboard to start their own businesses.
  • They can go out on their own and try to get work if they want to.

How To Submit an Application for the YEA Graduate Trainee Program at Amalitech

Interested persons who wish to submit an application online should please visit this link.

Deadline: Saturday, December 31, 2022. 

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