Flight Operations Lead At Zipline Ghana


A Flight Operations Lead is wanted for employment at Zipline. Leads at Zipline are fundamentally responsible for the output of their teams. You will be expected to maximize this output by successfully executing in these areas: setting clear goals and key performance indicators to measure performance (KPIs), distributing work across your team, developing and nurturing your team’s talent, giving both positive and constructive feedback regularly to your team, and coordinating with other teams and individuals across Zipline.

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What You’ll Do:

For your team:

  • Set and communicate ambitious goals and priorities for your team — in alignment with Zipline and organization/country goals. Some of these goals will be local and others will directly connect to global metrics used to measure our effectiveness in serving customers.
  • Call out when your team needs help: there are gaps in resources (people, tools, skills) that will prevent your team from reaching certain goals — these must be flagged early and often.
  • Make sure work is distributed across your team in a way that allows for collective and individual success. Leads should not be the responsible person on key project work, but rather should be identifying members on their team to own projects. Leads should be comfortable putting people in uncomfortable positions (i.e., giving people work that is slightly above their capacity).
  • Ensure that your team’s work is coordinated with the teams around them.

For individuals on your team:

  • Related to their work
    • Help each individual prioritize their work
    • Help your team overall prioritize its work including (very importantly) saying no and pushing back
    • Meet regularly so that you and they both know if they’re on track or not to meet their work goals. If they are not on track, give guidance/input to correct the work. 
  • Related to their development
    • Know each individual’s long-term professional growth plans
    • Ensure they are set up on a development path and making progress along that path
    • Proactively inform individuals when they aren’t meeting expectations, OR when they can push themselves for more continued growth

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What You’ll Bring:

  • Already demonstrating high quality in executing of direct & indirect operational duties excellently therefore able to “lead by example”
  • Appreciates the value of using numbers to understand problems and make decisions
  • Uses sound judgement to know what decisions are important to make or not to make
  • Strong contributor to team cohesion at the nest
  • Demonstrating strong  mentoring and coaching skills
  • Demonstrates critical thinking about customer needs and customer experience
  • Strong technical skills
  • Strong executor with people management skills
  • Preferably has a background in engineering, maintenance, and troubleshooting

How To Submit An Application To Zipline Ghana For Flight Operations Lead Apply to Zipline Here

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