How to Send a Parcel in Ghana

Ways to send a parcel or an item to someone

Sending parcels these days to loved ones, for business purposes has become the order of the day in Ghana these days. Many people through this now have secured jobs out of it. In this article, we are going to show you ways & how to send a parcel in Ghana.

Sending an article these days have become very easy compared to years back where you will have to wait to travel or for someone to before finally sending an item. Indeed, things have changed.

Sending an article in Ghana has been made possible as a result of certain companies and processes which have gained the trust of Ghanaians in sending their items.

With this, Online marketing between unknown persons have become very easy.

Ways & How To Send a Parcel in Ghana

There are various trusted and established ways to which most people send their parcel to their destination safely. Below are a some ways to send a parcel in Ghana.

1. Sending via Bus

Sending parcels via bus or VIP has become something which has come to stay. It is the most popular way of sending a parcel if you come to Ghana.

Types of Buses People use in sending their parcels

  1. VIP Buses
  2. STC Buses
  3. VVIP Buses
  4. Sprinters

Why do people send Parcels via bus?

People send their parcels via bus because it doesn’t require any paperwork or formal language to send.
With this, anyone can send a parcel via bus.

How To Send a Parcel in Ghana Via Bus

To send a parcel in Ghana via bus, kindly follow the following steps;

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1. Go to the specific bus station (VIP Station, STC Station, etc.) where you want to send your parcel

NB: Before deciding on which station, you should know the location of the person you are sending your parcel to 

The type of Station depends on the type of item and the amount of money you have since some buses charge higher than others for sending parcels. 

2. At the station, go straight to where travelers buy their bus tickets and ask to send your parcel.

3. You will be asked to provide the name and mobile number of the receiver. After that, you will be charged based on the location and type of parcel (Charges are negotiable)

4. Notify the receiver of an incoming parcel from a bus eg. VIP, STC or Sprinter

The parcel is sent the moment the next bus moves with passengers to the location of the parcel receiver.

How will the receiver receive the Parcel?

  • The parcels receiver will get a call from the bus driver or people in charge of parcels the moment the bus gets to the city or town of the reciever.
  • The person will be asked to come for it at the station or the item may be delivered at his/her doorstep at a fee.

Other Popular Ways to Send a Parcel in Ghana

  1. Sending Via Post Office
  2. Sending via DHL
  3. Sending via the Parcel Shop
  4. Sending through buying an item online for someone e.g. via Jumia, Kikuu, etc.
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Process Required: How to Send a Parcel In Ghana

Select A Courier Service

Ensure to choose a courier service through which you wish to deliver your parcel. As we mentioned earlier, you can choose a post office, DHL, ParcelShop, just to mention but a few. To get in touch with the courier service, you can either visit a near by branch or download their online app to go through the required processes.

Fill All Essential Details

Make sure to state every bit of information needed. These comprise of your personal information (your name, email address, phone number etc),  the destination, what the package contains, among others.

Make Payment and Label Your  Parcel

It is mandatory for the sender to pay the delivery fee, and make sure the Parcel is well Labeled.

Sending Your Parcel

You can finally hand over your parcel to the store staff once you have completed the previous step. The courier will now ensure the safe delivery of your parcel.

Tracking Your Parcel

You can track your parcel right after leaving it with the courier. For couriers who use apps or websites you will be able to track the status of your parcel online using the tracking number given to you at the courier’s store.

Some couriers make your work easier by simply sending notifications to give you updates on your parcel’s delivery status via email or text messages.

We hope you found our article on how to send a parcel helpful and interesting. Kindly, endeavour to share the post with others.

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