How To Book a Flight in Ghana 2023/2024

How To Book a Flight in Ghana

Flight booking is a term that we hear and use all the time, however most of us do not know what it actually means to book a flight especially in a country where the indigenous way of traveling is via Trotro or VIP.

Booking flights isn’t as difficult as some people perceive it to be; flights also provide the best experience compared to using a car in terms of time and convenience; all you have to do is follow this step-by-step guide on how to book a flight in Ghana.

Things To Consider Before Booking a Flight in Ghana 

First, you’ll need to know your travel destination, dates of travel and where you’re flying from. Then, decide whether you want to book an individual flight or a round trip. You may also want to search by airline to compare prices and services, as some carriers have agreements with certain credit cards that can offer perks like points or complimentary baggage and seat upgrades.

Aside making substantial enquiries about the flight, there are some basic documents you also need to gave in possession as well. Some of them are;

The Process

1. Plan your trip

Plan your trip to know where you want to go, your estimated budget, and class.

2. Select your preferred Airline to travel with

Visit the website of the appropriate airline that travels to your preferred destination.

  • For Domestic flights, Passion Air and Africa World Airlines are the current functional airlines
  • For International flights, Fly Emirates, Qatar Airways, etc. are the most functional airlines

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3. Choose your travel date and destination

On the homepage of your preferred airline company, select where you are departing from, your destination, your date of travel

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4. Book Flight for further details

Click on “Book Now” or any button that will enable you proceed to the next stage of booking

5. Confirm payment and flight details

On the next page that appears when booking the flight, you will be shown if your flight will be available on the date and time you selected.

  • If the flight is available on your preferred date, you will then be shown the amount you will be required to pay for your flight according to the class selected.
  • If a flight is not available on the set date, unfortunately, you will have to try another search for a different date or a different class of travel. (If you insist to travel on that same date, you can try another airline to see if they will fly that day.

6. Provide basic personal details and pay for flight

After confirming the amount you want to pay for the date and time you selected, you can now proceed to payment where you will be given payment options to select from and pay for the flight. Kindly note that you will be asked to provide your basic details such as your name, age, phone number, etc. as well.

7. Wait patiently for your flight date

After a successful payment of flight fees, all that is left is to show up the day you want to travel at the airport with your valid details (preferably 30 minutes before your flight time).

8. Show up at the airport and enjoy your flight

After you’ve passed through all the necessary checks, yo will now be given access to your seat in the plane and Voila! off you go!

Classes on an Airplane Flight 

Passengers often have the option of flying in one of three different travel classes offered by airlines. The First Class, Business Class, and Economy/Third Class. The classes of airlines coupled with other factors such as destination, time, etc. all come together to affect the pricing of a flight. Here’s a breakdown of the many airline classes and the services they provide to customers in various locations:

First Class

A first-class ticket is usually the most expensive. Passengers that book flights in first-class cabins enjoy more luxurious accommodations as well as more personalized treatment. Celebrities and those traveling on lavish budgets often choose to sit in these areas.

Business Class

The Business class (also known as executive class) flights are more cheap compared to first class tickets. Passengers who patronize this class also get comfort and a bit of luxury. Business class has fewer benefits than economy, but this isn’t a deal breaker for frequent economy flyers. As a result, several airlines have eliminated first-class seats.

Economy/Third Class

Economy class tickets or flights is the bare minimum. Passengers in economy class get the same level of service as everyone else, with no additional bonuses. On a plane, the majority of the seats are usually reserved for economy passengers. Simplest, having the least number of luxuries

FAQs on Flight Bookings

1. How long does it take to travel by plane from Accra to Kumasi?

  • It usually takes 40 Minutes to travel from Accra to Kumasi by plane.

2. How long does it take to travel by plane from Accra to Tamale?

  • It usually takes one hour, 20 minutes (1hr 20min) to travel from Accra to Tamale by plane.
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3. What is the cheapest class on an airplane flight?

  • The Cheapest class on an airplane is the Economy/third class.

4. What is the most expensive class on an airplane flight?

  • The most expensive class is obviously the first class ticket.

5. Can you book a flight ticket for someone?

  • Yes. You can book a flight for someone provided you have their personal information and their preferences such as the airline choice, class, destination and time of flight in mind.

6. Can you book a flight ticket without paying?

  • Yes. This can be done on certain airlines that allow such services to their customers or passengers. They can give you up to ten days or a week to make payment for your booking.


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