Jet Li and Jackie Chan: Who is Richer, their Networth and Where they are now

Jet Li and Jackie Chan

Jet Li and Jackie Chan are two of Asia’s most well-known and successful actors. With so many films in and out of their continent, they have been adored by most movie lovers over time. For sometime now, they have not been seen on the screens like before and you might be wondering where they are, what they are doing now and perhaps, who is wealthier.

In this article, we will give extensive details on actors Jet Li and Jackie Chan, their beginnings, Current lifestyle, and where they can be found today.

Jackie Chan

At the age of seven, Jackie Chan began learning martial arts, theatre, acrobatics, and singing. Chan was formerly regarded as Bruce Lee’s likely successor in Hong Kong movies, but he instead developed his own brand of martial arts mixed with screwball physical humour. He became a major sensation in Asia and had hit records in the United States as well.

Chan was singled out as a possible heir to Lee’s position as the king of Hong Kong cinema after Lee’s terrible, untimely death in 1973. In order to achieve this, he starred in a series of kung fu films alongside Lo Wei, a producer and director who had previously worked with Lee. The majority of the projects failed, and the relationship terminated in the late 1970s. Chan had already decided that he wanted to break out from the Lee mold and develop his own image by that point. Chan discovered his own formula for cinematic gold by combining his martial arts ability with amazing nerve—he insisted on executing all of his own stunts—and a sense of screwball physical humour reminiscent of one of his idols, Buster Keaton.

Jet Li

Jet Li is an actor and martial artist who was born on April 26, 1963, in Beijing, China. Li won his first national championship in wushu at the age of eleven. When Li was 17, he quit the sport and made his cinematic debut in Shaolin Temple, which made him a household name in his native China. He has alternated between Chinese and English-language films since 1994, starring in Hollywood films such as Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon, and The Forbidden Kingdom.

In 1998, Li won his first English-language part in Lethal Weapon 4, alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, as a terrible man. For the film, he moved to Los Angeles, where he received extensive language training in preparation for his role as a Chinese mafia lord. This action picture, particularly the sequences involving Li, wowed moviegoers.

For Romeo Must Die (2000), Li collaborated with rapper DMX and vocalist Aaliyah on a hip-hop-meets-martial-arts interpretation on Shakespeare’s classic tale of adolescent love, Romeo and Juliet. Aaliyah and Li portrayed star-crossed lovers from two feuding criminal dynasties. The film was a box office success, grossing almost $100 million. Li featured alongside Bridget Fonda in Luc Besson’s Kiss of the Dragon in 2001.

Who is Richer Between Jet Li and Jackie Chan: Networth Comparison

We are going to give you details of their net worth to help you decide who is richer between Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Net Worth of Jackie Chan

$350 million

Net Worth of Jet Li

$250 Million

If Jet Li and Jackie Chan are to Fight? Who would Win?

Jet Li and Jackie Chan Fight

Jackie Chan and Jet Li are two of the best martial artists who have ever graced the cinema. According to Today, the two are good friends and even fought in 2008’s Forbidden Kingdom, in which Li’s stock “serene monk” persona went against a variation of Chan’s famed drunken master archetype in a duel of moves so furious that the director requested them to slow down. 

Jet Li and Jackie Chan’s bout at their peak would almost certainly come down to their training.

Jackie Chan has been studying martial arts since he was seven years old, according to Biography, and he was previously considered Bruce Lee’s most likely successor. However, much of Chan’s athleticism and acrobatics stem from his ten-year theatre and acrobatics training at Hong Kong’s Chinese Opera Research Institute. Hammerhead MA claims that hapkido is still his only “formal” martial arts training. Chan’s master had misgivings about his kicks at first, but Chan finally mastered the style and earned a black belt through sheer hard effort.

As Biography points out, Jet Li is a unique creature. He began martial arts training when he was eight years old, won a national championship three years later, and travelled the world with the Beijing Wushu Team. He was so good that he won the All-Around National Wushu Championship five years in a row in the 1970s. That’s an impressive background, but it doesn’t make Li an unstoppable warrior; as Neurologica Blog points out, Wushu practitioners have a hard time defeating MMA fighters. Despite this, Li’s film portrayal of his martial art is notably aggressive, which, along with his several real-life martial arts championships, could be enough to win Round One versus Chan, who is less formally trained and more laid-back.

This one is a lot easier to figure out because Jet Li, at his senior age, isn’t kicking as hard as he used to. His accumulating injuries have caught up with him, according to the South China Morning Post, and he has been suffering from hyperthyroidism since 2010. He’s in discomfort and on medication to “regulate his heart rate,” but he’s gained weight and is unable to exercise effectively as a result. 

Jackie Chan, on the other hand, battled Li onscreen when he was about Li’s age. He’s still directing physically demanding movies with complex fight scenes in his sixties, despite his own laundry list of injuries. So, we think it’s safe to say Chan is the winner of Round Two. Hey, it appears that the two have drawn yet again!

Jet Li and Jackie Chan: Where are they Now?

Where is Jet Li Now? 

According to reports, Li and his family settled in Singapore, where he was granted Singaporean citizenship in 2009.

In Wuji, he launched his own Fitness program in 2009. The program incorporated aspects of martial arts, yoga, and pilates, and Adidas created a unique apparel line with the initials “JL” to promote it.

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Jet Li’s illness

Li announced in 2013 that he has been suffering from hyperthyroidism for the previous three years.

In 2016, he declared that he had recovered from his illness and that the reason for his declining film offers was related to his charitable activity rather than his health.

He enjoys playing badminton and table tennis, cycling, reading, and meditating in his spare time. He collects Tibetan beads that are difficult to come by. In his spare time, he claims to never be bored.

Where is Jackie Chan Now?

According to reports, he’s in China and still producing films in his native Hong Kong.

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Jet Li and Jackie Chan Summary of Biography 

Jet Li Summary

Li Lianjie (Name)

26 April 1963 (age 60)
Beijing, China

Citizenship Singapore (2009–present)
United States (2003–2009)
China (1963–2003)
  • Actor
  • martial artist
  • director
  • film producer
Huang Qiuyan (married in 1987 and divorced in 1990)
Nina Li Chi (married in 1999)
Children 4 daughters

Jackie Chan Summary

Chan Kong-sang on

7 April 1954 (age 69)
Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong

Nationality Chinese
Joan Lin (Married in 1982)
Sibblings Fang Shide
Fang Shisheng (brothers)
Children 2, including Jaycee Chan
Residence China
Education China Drama Academy
  • Martial artist
  • actor
  • filmmaker
  • action choreographer
  • singer
  • stunt director
  • stunt performer




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