Stop sending interns on ‘waakye’ errands – Nana Aba Anamoah

Ghanaian screen goddess Nana Aba Anamoah has warned companies against using interns as messengers and stop sending them on errands.

The TV personality describes the wanton desire by workers to reduce interns to mere delivery persons and errand boys and girls as unacceptable.

She questioned the hypocritical nature of workers who waste interns’ and service personnel’s time on errands, and later ask them for work experience on their resumes when the latter seeks jobs.

“You’ll send service personnel and interns on Waakye and Kofi broke man errands & later ask for work experience.

“How are they supposed to rack up experience in their chosen fields?”, she quizzed.

It has become a trend for companies to reduce interns and service personnel to errand boys. Most people believe is no such big deal, but it actually is, as it deprives these youngsters of the requisite on-field knowledge in their chosen fields.

Nana Aba urged companies to rather equip these interns and service persons for the labour market.

“The fact that the old laboured during their time to make it to wherever they are now does not mean those coming up need to suffer as they did. I have a challenge with media houses, we do not give enough opportunities to young people. An intern whgo has been posted is sent on ‘waakye’ buying duties until he or she is fed up,” she lamented..

Emmanuel Appiah Kubi, a netizen on Facebook who is also a victim, shared his ordeal. He had to put this down:

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“I know what it feels like because I was a victim years back.

“After completing Junior High School in 2019, I decided to go and learn some skills about manual work while waiting for my results.

“And when I began work, I spent most of my time doing errands as opposed to learning skills.

“It even reached a point where waking up early to go to work was tedious for me.

“Because I got it in my head when I go to work, I’ll run errands, but not for learning.

“It even made me less passionate about the work.


“I’m speaking on behalf of everybody.

“So, Boss and Madams, please, let us learn something better to become better and accountable beings in the future. The world now is not like the world before,” he advised.

@Randy Febi: Asem ooo……………………..come to Agogo and see, even when nurses are posted to do clinicals, you’ll see majority of them in the market holding lots of black polythene………….It’s not waakye nkoaa, emu kenkey and Gari and beans, ny3 as3m ketewa. But the issue is it has become tradition now.

@Tina Yiribokeya Kusi: Strongly agree! 3y3 complete nonsense koraa

@bridget Ahorlu: Ministries; I bought Banku and Tilapia saa

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