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Absa Group is looking for an active, skilled and open minded Direct Sales Lead.

Job Summary For Direct Sales Lead At Absa

To build and develop a high-performing team under the Absa Young Africa Works Project through embedding performance development and coaching. Ensure that team members receive coaching and feedback in order to develop and achieve their maximum potential to meet and exceed sales targets

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Job Description:

Supervision of Lead Generators Time split: 30%

  • Act as enabler to the Direct Sales team members under supervision be providing them with tools and information to optimize sales activities.
  • Through delegation to Lead Generators, achieve set annual sales targets. Monitor the performance of Lead Generators on daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis and provide coaching and feedback on how to improve performance.
  • Agree individual targets with team members for products, assets, liabilities and campaigns.
  • Manage daily attendance levels within the team in compliance with  the relevant HR policies, including the management and approval of leave within the team
  • On a daily basis, monitor the movement of Lead Generators to ensure that planned meetings or activities are being carried out in the field
  • Motivate staff and ensure they are recognized through the Absa recognition schemes.
  • Identify training needs of the team and arrange for these needs to be met through on-the job coaching and formal training.
  • Communicate a summary of the training needs to the Project manager and Head of SME banking at least annually. Ensure that planned training interventions take place, particularly for compulsory training.
  • Liase with the Project manager and Head of SME banking to hire team members based on shortlist provided by HR and the Resource Coordinator.
  • Induct new Lead Generators and ensure that they participate in formal induction as well as the compulsory compliance training courses.
  • Directly responsible for discipline- intimate misconduct or incapacity charges, follows Absa discipline processes together with HR and an independent chairperson.
  • Discuss and finalize Performance Development Plans and ratings for all members of staff in the team.
  • Recommend reward allocations for direct reports, including bonus and pay increases, based on guidelines received from the Project Manager, Head of SME banking and Human Resources.
  • Provide input into the variable pay schemes in place
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Supervision of Sales Activities Time split: 30%

  • Supervise product promotion campaigns aspects by distributing material to Lead Generators. Cascade key messages, including training for products to staff members, including training on new application forms etc.
  • Track MI for the product promotion campaign period and feed back to team members, the project manager and in-country marketing
  • Monitor sales performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and provide results to the Project manager and Head of SME banking
  • Act as an escalation point for queries that could not be resolved by the Lead Generators.
  • Respond to queries and complaints received directly from customers especially women-led, Agribusinesses, Youth-led and Fintech businesses, referring queries to the branch where the account is domiciled only in cases where it cannot be resolved.
  • Monitor that end-to-end account opening is happening within agreed turnaround times. Coach team members on how to improve the quality of their application to achieve this.
  • Ensure all Lead Generators call customers to inform of account openings and follow up with written welcome packs indicating their home branch, contact details etc.
  • When requested by Lead Generators, explain product elements such as pricing, credit requirements etc. to customers to aid with the sales process. Visit potential customers on request.
  • Review account utilization/drawdown as well as attrition levels on a monthly basis. Identify patterns and reasons for poor account performance and create action plan to address the issues. Escalate any recurring issues to the Project manager and Head of SME Banking for further input and escalation as required.

Supervision of Compliance Activities Time Split : 20%

  • Undertake daily checks of documentation completed by Lead Generators, supervising remedial action that the Lead Generators have to undertake. Check the checklists completed by the Lead Generators, and to conduct daily snap checks for a sample of work compiled by each team member.
  • Perform documentation callbacks for KYC documents where required by the bank’s processes
  • Compile MI on team performance including accuracy of applications, quality of applications, sales performance. Use the feedback to coach and guide team members and provide summary feedback to the Project Manager and Head of SME banking on a regular basis.
  • Assist the team of Lead Generators to obtain operational rigour excellence in all aspects of the process they undertake through coaching, and arranging formal  training for them where the need arises.
  • Review the account opening process for each account to ensure that changes are authorized and that they are compliant with KYC requirements.
  • Ensure teams follow all Absa procedures. This means that they have to communicate the procedures to the team and conduct regular reviews to ensure that the procedures are being followed.
  • Ensure the team’s compliance with operational risk and rigour policies e.g. Health & Safety standards, security of premises, KYC and anti-money laundering.
  • Work cross functionally with internal key service providers to ensure seamless service to our customers.
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Teamwork Time Split :20%

  • Build, develop and motivate a high performing team committed to achieving success of the Absa Young Africa Works project through each other
  • Ensure that your team members are developed to achieve their maximum potential whilst coaching them to build their awareness of their strengths/development needs.
  • Manage daily attendance levels ensuring that AGL procedures are followed
  • Manage poor performance and escalate disciplinary/grievances issues professionally and promptly in line with agreed procedures
  • In conjunction with the Project Manager, agree challenging performance objectives and measures for your team providing regular feedback on honest assessment and achievement
  • In the way you lead on a daily basis, be a role model for your people, do things wholeheartedly, communicating with passion and enthusiasm embracing change as a way of working
  • Creating an empowering environment for your people encouraging individual ownership, initiative and challenge of the status quo
  • Identify talent candidates in the team and ensure that additional development opportunities are created for high potential employees.
  • Ensuring exit interviews for all employee-initiated departures from the project and bank are conducted in a timely manner and flagging up any issues.
  • Compile monthly absence statistics (annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave, study leave etc), and submit to Project Manager and HR for record keeping.
  • Manage the development of staff through Performance Management and offering learning opportunities within the Project.
  • Provide honest, direct and constructive feedback to others.
  • Share knowledge experience and best practice with team members and other team leaders within the cluster.
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Technical skills / Competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Motivational skills to inspire the team to achieve sales targets
  • Networking skills – focused on internal networks
  • People Management
  • Coaching and training skills
  • Strong communication and Presentation
  • Performance Management
  • Planning
  • PC Skills


  • Some exposure to AML/KYC processes in a retail banking environment
  • At least 2 years’ experience in managing a sales team of similar size, or 3-4 years experience in a frontline sales environment.


Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)

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