7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew

In this article are some sampled African countries you maybe mistook their capital for another or probably, you did not know. Get to know some 7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew. 


Being the 2nd largest continent by geographic size, and second most populous continent in the world, Africa spans across a 30 million kilometer square area. The ‘black’ continent has 54 countries recognized by the United Nations (UN) with a population of 1.2 billion people. In addition, there are two independent states with no recognition or limited recognition (Western Sahara and Somaliland), and other territories controlled by non-African countries.

How many capital cities are in Africa?

Having 54 countries, one would expect 54 capital cities on the poorest continent. However, Africa has 58 capital cities. This is because there are 3 countries in Africa that have more than one capital city. They are South Africa (3), Equatorial Guinea (2), and Eswatini (2). We would discuss Africa and its cities in subsequent articles.

7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew

1. Nigeria

The first country we look at is Ghana’s West African neighbor, Nigeria. Many people are very familiar with Lagos and so they perceive Lagos as the ‘giant of Africa’s capital. The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja.

7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew
Abuja, capital city of Nigeria.
2. South Africa

Next is the ‘Rainbow nation’ South Africa. You may be mixed up on which city is South Africa’s capital. Three cities share the capital cities of South Africa. It will amaze you to learn that the famous Johannesburg is not part of the three. Pretoria is the country’s administrative capital. Bloemfontein is the judiciary capital, and the legislative capital is Cape Town.

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7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew
Cape Town is one of South Africa’s capital city.
3. Morocco

Our ‘Casablanca’ is not Morocco’s capital. Most people who were exposed to the 1942 American Romantic vintage movie ‘Casablanca’ think it is the country’s capital city. Sorry, you had it wrong. Rabat is actually Morocco’s capital city and not the popular Casablanca.

7 African countries whose capital you probably never knew
Morocco’s capital, Rabat.
4. Cote d’Ivoire

Again, most people misconstrue the popular Abidjan as the nation’s capital. Abidjan is indeed the most developed and beautiful in the country, but Yamoussoukro is the capital city of Cote d’Ivoire.

Yamoussoukro, Cote d’Ivoire.
5. Benin Republic

You would have argued a page length that Cotonou is Benin’s capital city. Although Cotonou is the largest, Porto-Novo is the country’s capital city.

Porto-Novo, Benin Republic
6. Tanzania

Tanzania has Dodoma as the capital city. Sounds new to you, right? Dar es Salaam is not the capital city of Tanzania.

Dodoma is Tanzania’s capital city.
7. Cameroon

Last but not least is the AFCON 2021 host nation, Cameroon, is our last country in focus. Yaounde is the nation’s capital city, although Doula seems to be the most popular in the country.

The buzzing city, Yaounde, Cameroon.

We draw the curtains down on this insightful piece, 7 African countries you almost probably never knew their capital cities. Everydaynewsgh promises to bring more exciting and informing African facts your way. Be glued here, and share with others.

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