How to Get High CPS in Minecraft – CPS Test in Minecraft?


Do you want to get high cps in Minecraft? If yes, we can guide you how you can achieve that!

We all are aware of this fact that games like Minecraft need fast clicking. If you are a slow clicker, then this game is not meant for you. Learning different clicking techniques and practicing extensively increases the clicking speed.

You can test your clicking speed by opting for the cps test. Just perform the test over here and the score will tell you whether you are an extremely slow clicker, moderately slow clicker or fast clicker.

How to get high cps in Minecraft? Top strategies

There are many strategies that you can follow regarding getting high cps test scores in Minecraft. So, let us see the details that how these strategies work:

Jitter Clicking strategy

If you practice jitter clicking and become an expert in it, then one thing is for sure that you will always win every level of Minecraft. All those gamers who are expert in this technique, they catch up with the fastest clicking speed. With this strategy, you can enhance and augment the CPS of your mouse. When you perform the cps clicker test, do not forget to test your clicking based on this technique too.

To perform it, what you can do is to rapidly shake your arm muscles and wrist and click the mouse as much quickly as you can. Your hands will feel a vibration and that is termed as jittering. Regulated hand vibrations promise to increase clicking speed. Practice it on the cps counter tool and let us know your score.

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Butterfly clicking strategy

Then we have a Butterfly clicking strategy! To test your score on this technique, you can opt for the cps tester.

You can increase the number of your clicks by placing your index finger and also the middle finger properly on the tip of the mouse button. Tap them back and forth and on the alternative basis. Note that you have to click by using both of your fingers. This way, the gaming mouse will register multiple clicks in less time.

Drag Clicking strategy

The last strategy is the drag clicking strategy! The click test tool assesses the user on this clicking technique as well.

Here you will drag your finger properly across the mouse button. You can either drag it to the right side or to the left side. Firmly drag the finger and this will lead to more clicks. It is believed that drag clicking produces friction and this pushes the finger to move quickly across the mouse button surface. If you have understood how this clicking technique is performed, then practice it on the clicks per second test tool.

There is more to come from the side of the cps test, so stay connected with us on this platform. And if any confusion comes, feel free to ask from us.

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