Some Top Facts About Los Angeles Lakers That Will Blow Away Your Mind

Los Angeles Lakers

According to recent reports, FanSided is excited to celebrate its 15th anniversary In 2022. And to celebrate it in our way, we have compiled some interesting facts about the Los Angeles Lakers that will blow away your mind. And to do this, we have fully divided into eras in which you don’t know much. 

Some of them you must have heard before, others you will come to know for the first time during the details given. Read till the end to know interesting facts about the Los Angeles Lakers that you must know:

Some Top Facts About Los Angeles Lakers That Will Blow Away Your Mind

  • Anthony Davis and Markieff Morris Have Historic Postseasons

There’s no running away from the fact that the 2020 Lakers proved to be an amazing team. They easily won the NBA championship due to their historic performances. And the star power surely added value to the overall game altogether. Markie Morris, who Is not a part of the team, now used to be a sniper rifle out of 3. He used to shoot 42% beyond the arc. Not to overlook, this is the 3rd highest percentage in franchise history for a playoff run. Apart from Mychal Thompson and Trevor Ariza, who were strong contenders at that time. 

Furthermore, Anthony Davis, too, had the most amazing postseason in Lakers History. After all, he was one of the finest players of his time. He shared 284 wins per 48 minutes. And with players with 500 minutes of a single playoff run, David ranked 7th all time. This was when even casino on mobile got interested in sports betting on these players. On the other hand, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, and Lebron James are players with a better history. 

  • Steve Nash is the All-Time Leader in 3-Point Percentage

While Steve Nash never really lashed out at the Lakers, one thing is for sure, he always shot the basketball from the right angle on the arc. The NBA Hall of Famer has a history of 154 threes, and he successfully made 42% of them. No wonder this is one of the 3-point best percentages in the history of the franchise. While different articles have their version of story to tell, this holds reality. 

  • The Lakers Missed the Playoffs More in Early 2010

While following some concrete information on the Lakers, you must have heard that they missed the playoffs 6 years in a row, which is unheard of. Prior to this drought, the franchise even missed some of the greatest spin offs since 1948. If you’re a die hard fan of the Lakers, you won’t find this fact to be appealing. Therefore, its best if you keep updated with the latest on going matches. 

  • Game 7 Of the 2010 NBA Finals The Second Lowest Scoring Game

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers battled in the 7th Game of the 2010 NBA Finals. The Lakers, however, walked away with an 83-79 victory. However, this game is still remembered as one of the most nerve-wracking games to watch. Plus, the Lakers were debuting with their biggest rivals in history. While the game wasn’t that pretty to watch, the Lakers still managed to get the job done well. 

  • Derek Fisher Didn’t Dunk Basketball At the Age of 30

Despite serving 30,000 minutes in the NBA, Derek Fisher stands concrete for dunking basketball 13 times. And he never turned back after turning 30. Fisher’s last dunk came during the 2003-2004 season. This was the last year of his stint with the Lakers. He also has a history of dunking a single playoff during his career. This puts him in the second year of his career in the 1998 spinoffs. 

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  • Shaquille O Neal was Never Recorded as the Triple Double in the Team

Most fans will get confused when they get to know of this. And rightly so, since the media has different ways to paint certain information. Despite being one of the most stagnant team members and dominant men, Shaq never recorded a triple-double in his team. Neosurf online casino Australia still has people who won’t mind betting on this fact. Yet the truth is that his contribution has been amazing, but this record was never recorded. 

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