Top Mistakes to Avoid when Visiting Turkey

Top Mistakes to Avoid when Visiting Turkey

In the last couple of years, Turkey has become one of the most visited places in the world – especially in connection to tourism.

And if you are planning to visit Turkey in the upcoming days or weeks, then you might want to know about some of the most common mistakes to avoid in Turkey.

Without further ado – let us jump straight into the list.

Top Mistakes to Avoid when Visiting Turkey

Visiting Only Main Attractions

The first mistake that you might want to avoid in Turkey is to visit only the main tourist attractions in Istanbul.

In other words – don’t make the mistake of limiting your holidays to exploring the most common tourist areas. We encourage you to step out of your comfort bubble and get to know other parts that Istanbul has to offer.

If you aren’t familiar with what other places you could visit besides the most common tourist attractions, then you might want to ask one of the locals. Surely, you will find many interesting places within the city.

Eating Only Fast Food

Another common tourist mistake that you might want to avoid while visiting Turkey is the mistake of only eating in fast food chains.

Understandably, in many countries, these fast food chains are quite affordable, and also those traveling on a budget to any other country might find eating at fast food chains quite convenient. But in Turkey, you won’t find food generally expensive.
You can have an amazing lunch/ dinner for almost the same as a burger or fried chicken at any of those fast food places.

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Instead of eating fast food, we recommend that you explore Turkish cuisine at a good local restaurant and eat there. This way, you will get out of your comfort zone and actually taste Turkish cuisine’s local and unique flavors – for almost the same price.

Additionally, you won’t limit yourself to only eating at restaurants that are located on the main streets or on the touristy sides of the city. Even just walking a couple of blocks away from the main tourist attractions, you will find excellent places to eat at even better prices.

Not Using Public Transportation

Turkey is a beautiful place to stay, study, and work. So, in the near future, if you ever decide to stay in Turkey, you might want to get the best moving services for moving to Turkey from USA. Nonetheless, even if you are in Turkey for a few days, you will still want to familiarize yourself with public transportation.

One of the best experiences you can have in any other country you visit is using public transportation, and Istanbul and Turkey – in general – are no exception.
By using public transportation, you can avail yourself of the best opportunities to immerse yourself in the routine of the daily life of the locals. You will also be able to see Tukey and the places that you are visiting from a different perspective that you will probably miss when traveling through the place by Taxi.

If you are visiting Istanbul, just remember that this beautiful city offers amazing views, and many of them can only be enjoyed by public transport – especially ferries. And last but not least – Istanbul has an amazing transportation system.

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Since the main tourist places are well-connected by tram, ferry, and bus, the ferry tickets and fees are quite affordable, especially if you buy the Istanbul card, which is a completely safe option for tourists as well.

Not Behaving Properly inside the Mosques

Of course, you will also visit the beautiful mosques in Istanbul once you sign up to visit Turkey. However, as a tourist, you would want to avoid speaking loudly inside the mosques, which is quite a common mistake that unaware tourists make while visiting Turkey.

It is common to see some visitors shouting and speaking loudly inside the mosques. Here is the thing about mosques – mosques are sacred places, which is why we need to respect the place – the people around us even though it might not be praying time. Some locals still go to the mosques at any time to pray.

Of course, you can still speak, but don’t make the mistake of speaking loudly.


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