How to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces without Protocol

How to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) without Protocol

Did you know that you can actually get into the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) successfully without any protocol? Yes it is possible!

Although there are some allegations or rumors in the air about protocol related to the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), there are people who have the story of being recruited into the service without protocol. So you don’t always have to believe in the words of people.

About the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Recruitment

Before you think of Joining the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), there are some basic things that are required that interested Applicants do. The key thing is, the interested applicant must be very passionate and serious about what he/she wants to get into. It is very honorable to work for God and Country. The moment the Armed Forces announce recruitment, they provide requirements, procedures and details to make sure the process becomes easy and safe. To this, the applicant must take the following criteria seriously.

How to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces without Protocol

1. Meet the Basic (general) and specific Requirements

The first thing you need to access is whether you meet the basic requirements of the Ghana Armed Forces or not. This is essential for the type of effort that goes into being a “soldier”. GAF has given their requirements on the type of people they can work with which can be found below;

  1. Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth and of good character.
  2. Not be less than 18 years
  3. Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces standards.
  4. Have Six (6) passes at BECE, including English and Mathematics
  5. Have Six (6) passes (not less than 06), including Core Mathematics English and Core Mathematics at WASSCE/SSSCE
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Read more about the requirements here

2. Know what you want

As an applicant and an adult, you should do a little research to know a bit about what you really want to do since GAF has different the branches or trades.

  • Are you applying for Army, Navy or Air Force
  • Applying as an Officer (Degree holders),
  • Applying as a cadet (Degree and masters holders),
  • Applying as a professional (Driver, Tailor, Carpenter, Band etc),
  • Applying as a sportsman (Footballers, Athletes, etc)
  • Sending an application as a Recruit (WASSCE)
  • Applying as a General Duty Officer. (WASSCE, Diploma)

For all Ghana Armed Forces Current Enlistment positions and requirements, Check here

3. Have all relevant documents ready

It is important that potential officers of GAF get all the necessary documentation available for appropriate Application and screening. Without these documents, the security service might find it hard to process your application within the short period of time allocated for recruitment.

Documents like: 

NOTE: Although there a a few things required from the above documents, It is best recommended that candidates get the original copy as it could be requested when they go for screening. (Also vital if you want to get recruited into Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) without protocol.)


4. Make sure your record is clean

It is expected of security officers to act as role models in their communities, and any crimes committed prior to becoming an officer can disqualify the applicant. It is best that officers have no criminal records.

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5. Develop a strong work background 

Having work experience helps prepare you for the long hours and strict requirements of a security jobs, and it also gives you an edge over applicants with no experience.

TIP: Consider taking a job that requires you to interact with the public. Officers need excellent communication skills.

6. Know your Community 

Officers are a familiar sight around communities, they must practically know every corner within their communities, but in order to really understand what its like. Find Officer friends and ask questions and sometimes visiting the barracks to have a feel.

7. Get physically fit 

Officers need to have quick reflexes, the ability to run short or long distances, the strength to chase, and sometimes the ability to even swerve bullets. You’ll have to pass a physical agility test to qualify, so start working out now to make sure you’re in your best physical shape. You need to at least be fit according to Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Standards. 

8. Be smart and strategic 

In the process of getting recruited into Ghana Armed Forces, there are different stages (about 5 stages) to access applicants. All successful applicants need to pass or qualify all these stages before they can get the chance to be selected. The process of getting through these stages could be lengthy (about 3-6 months) and cost effective. This is an instance where most applicants back off due to several reasons best known to them. It is recommended that to make your mind to join the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), you must be prepared to endure a whole lot, which is why this is always recommended for passionate individuals because they are always able to press on regardless. So one has to be strategic enough to at least plan for the task ahead. 

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How To Apply for the Ghana Armed Forces 2022 Recruitment

Click on the link below to access the full details of the Ghana Armed Forces 2022 Recruitment: 

Click Here For the 2022 Recruitment 

Kindly note that the closing date for the 2022 Enlistment is Sunday July 10, 2022. 


By now, I believe you now understand the details on getting recruited into Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) without any sort of Protocol. Since the recruitment process is very strict, applicants will have to access themselves to understand if they really pass all the qualifications stated above so that they can avoid being disqualified or wasting money at the long run. Kindly share this article if you found it useful and comment your questions (if any) for answers. 


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