Extension Of Deadline for SIM Card Registration 2022

How to Register Your SIM With Ghana Card Easily On All Networks

The Ministry of Communications and digitalization has announced the deadline extension for the ongoing SIM Card Registration in 2022. They have announced in a recent press release that the deadline for the completion of the registration of the remaining active SIM cards cannot be met hence, the need to extend the deadline for SIM card Registration.

Details of the Deadline Extension

The SIM registration exercise began on 1st October, 2021 and is expected to end on March 31, 2022. As at 17th March, 14,091,542 SIM Cards have been linked to the Ghana Card, 10,348,532 Bio-Captures conducted and 99,445 New SIMs registered. Due to a number of factors including the fact that over 7.5 million citizens and residents are yet to obtain Ghana Cards to enable them register their SIM cards, it is clear that the deadline for completion of the registration of the remaining active SIM cards cannot be met. You can check the NIA NEW GHANA CARD REGISTRATION POINTS. 

More time will also be required to update the SIM Registration App for the registration of diplomats, while a Self-Service SIM Registration App is also being developed to facilitate registration of SIM cards for Ghanaians resident abroad. This will be operational by mid April.

Why the Sim Card Registration Deadline was Extended

These issues (stated above) make it imperative for the deadline to be extended to ensure that every eligible SIM card is captured and we produce a credible database by the end of the exercise.

The New Deadline

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation has therefore extended the deadline for the registration of Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards to 31st July, 2022.

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We commend all Ghanaians and foreign residents in Ghana for their support in ensuring that through this exercise, we develop and build a credible SIM database with integrity, which will help address Issues of cyber fraud and promote secure SIM Card based transactions as part of our efforts to digitally transform the economy.

So what is the new deadline for SIM Card Registration in Ghana?

The new deadline for SIM Card registration in Ghana is 31st July, 2022.

Kindly Check the official press release below:

Extension Of Deadline for SIM Card Registration 2022

How to register your SIM with the Ghana Card

Kindly follow the steps below to register your Sim Card via the Ghana Card;

  1. Dial the short code *404#
  2. Enter Ghana Card Pin ( Note: Enter letters and figures without hyphens)
  3. Confirm Ghana Card Pin
  4. Enter Surname
  5. Enter First Name(s)
  6. Enter Date of Birth (Format: DDMMYYYY)
  7. Select Sex
  8. Confirm Details
  9. Submit Details Provided After Confirmation
  10. Visit your service provider with the unique code to complete the registration process.

You can check: 

The re-registration of SIM cards was expected to last for six months that is from October 1,2021 to March 31, 2022 but it has now been changed to July 31, 2022. Any SIM not registered within this period will be permanently blocked, the Minister of Communication, Ursula Owusu Ekuful has said.

The exercise which was supposed to take off in June last year was delayed due to the just-ended Population and Housing Census. This is in line with the government’s effort to make the Ghana Card a one-stop identification document in the country.

About the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization 

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation was established to aid in the development of a dependable and cost-effective world-class communications infrastructure and services, powered by appropriate technological innovations, in order to boost economic competitiveness in a knowledge-based environment.


The Ministry of Communications (MoC) has the core responsibility of initiating and developing national policies aimed at achieving cost effective information and communications infrastructure and services, for the enhancement and promotion of economic competitiveness in line with the policy guidelines of the Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017-2024) – An Agenda for Jobs: Creating Prosperity and Equal Opportunity for All.


The Ministry’s goal  is to promote the development of Ghana into a knowledge-Based Society and a smart economy through the use of ICT.


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