List of Delivery Companies in Ghana 2023

Delivery Companies in Ghana

The delivery industry in Ghana has been booming in recent years, with an increasing number of companies offering their services to the people of the West African nation. The most popular services are those which transport goods between locations or deliver items to customers’ homes.

There are a large number of delivery companies in the country. This article will show you the current list of Delivery Companies in Ghana.

Types of Ghanaian Delivery Companies

  • Bus Delivery Services: These are the ones that deliver exclusively by bus. Eg: VIP, STC, etc. You can read more on How to Send a Parcel in Ghana.
  • Door to Door delivery services: They also deliver packages to the doorstep of the person receiving the package,
  • International Delivery Services: They deliver from Ghana to other countries as well as from other countries to Ghana.
  • Local Delivery Services: These are the most common services in the country where they deliver within the various cities and towns in Ghana.

List Of All Delivery Services in Ghana

1. Ghana Post

In Ghana, postal services delivery is handled exclusively by Ghana Post. It has established itself as Ghana’s most reliable courier service; it offers separate packages for the outside and domestic markets.

Sending packages and letters through EMS to friends and family back home or across the ocean is the quickest option available.

2. VIP Delivery 

This is the second most popular and used delivery service locally. People who wish to send their packages to their friends, family or business partners and clients use this service. They go to the bus station and send their package through the next available bus to the intended destination. You may want to know more about VIP.

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VIP also offer door to door delivery for their customers as packages are usually picked at the station. Upon request, if someone wants the package delivered at his/her doorstep , it can be done. To know how to send a package in Ghana, visit this link. 

3. STC Delivery

STC Ghana also offer delivery services for customers. It is also a bus delivery service that delivers to customers just like VIP.

There are also bus delivery opportunities available at every station in Ghana for people who would like to send their packages.

4. DHL Ghana

DHL Express is a global or international shipping and delivery firm founded in San Francisco in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey and Larry Hilblom. The company is one of the most popular delivery service in Ghana, and it has locations in more than 100 countries worldwide.

They will pick up and drop off packages at your door anywhere in the world and track them the whole way.

5. FedEx Ghana 

FedEx Ghana was founded in 1971 as an international shipping and delivery service headquartered in Tennessee, USA. There are more than 668 fleets and 50 aircraft used by this company to make international deliveries to more than 200 different countries.

Their Ghanaian headquarters are located on Airport Road in the capital city of Accra, and they provide worldwide and local services at competitive rates.

6. Street Express 

The Postal and Courier Service Regulatory Commission has authorized the delivery company Street Express, which is based in Ghana.

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Within Greater Accra, the company provides pick-up and drop-off services. Postal delivery and transport services are also provided. If you’re in Accra, you may find them on Olusegun Obasanjo Road in the Roman Ridge neighborhood.

7. Kasi Express 

In 2014, Kasi Express opened its doors for business. Their services are renowned for their speed and dependability throughout Ghana and throughout West Africa.

There are same-day delivery options, as well as logistics, hauling, and dispatch services available. You may find them at 43 Ring Road Central in the heart of Accra.

8. Oak Express 

It’s a domestic courier service and a delivery service. Having their headquarters in Accra, they have branches in most of the major cities in Ghana.

Among the many services they offer is express delivery and the transportation of packages, shipments, and documents.


There are a number of large delivery companies operating in Ghana, including DHL, Ghana Post, FedEx and many others. These  companies provide reliable and efficient services. As well, there are other emerging delivery services available with competitive pricing and delivery convenience. Due to this, the number of delivery companies is not certain yet. However, the above listed are currently the most recognized companies in Ghana.

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