GOtv Ghana Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices 2022

GOtv Ghana Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices 2022

In this article, you’ll get to know all about the 2023 Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices for GOtv Ghana.

GOtv is an African television channel dedicated to providing family entertainment to the continent. GOtv offers the widest range of local channels created by Africans for Africans. Their services are both reasonable and dependable, allowing you to participate in the technological age from the comfort of your own home. You will receive a one-month GOtv Max subscription and one GOtenna when you purchase a GOtv decoder.

If you want to keep using the decoder beyond that month, you’ll have to subscribe to a GOtv bundle of your choice. GOtv offers four packages in Africa, each with a different number of channels and costs. The number of channels included in each bundle, as well as the monthly membership prices, vary by nation.

2023 GOtv Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices In Ghana

  • GOtv Max has 15 channels for entertainment and movies, GOtv Plus has 12 channels, and GOtv Value bundle has three channels.
  • Sports fans should select GOtv Max, which has 5 channels, GOtv Plus, which has 4 channels, and GOtv Value, which has 2 channels.

However, the three GOtv bundles share a Lifestyle and Culture channel (one fashion).

  • GOtv Max and GOtv Plus have four different news and commerce channels, while GOtv Value has three.
  • Similarly, GOtv Max and GOtv Plus have three different channels dedicated to children’s programming, and GOtv Value has two channels dedicated to the same
  • Documentary fans should choose between GOtv Max and GOtv Plus, as these are the two most popular channels in the specialty. In addition, the three packages share three religion-related channels.
  • GOtv Max and GOtv Plus have four and three separate music channels, respectively, while GOtv Value has two different music channels.
  • GOtv, on the other hand, decided to give back to society by airing 10 and 11 local channels on GOtv Max and GOtv Plus, and 11 channels on GOtv Value, respectively. Finally, seven radio stations were encoded as GOtv Max, GOtv Plus, and GOtv Value.
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GOtv Subscription Packages

A subscriber can choose from four bundles when using a GOtv decoder:

GOtv Supa has over 70 live TV channels and costs GHS 99 per month.

GOtv Max features 61 live TV channels and costs GHS 80 per month.

With a monthly membership of GHS 50, GOtv Plus offers 49 operational TV channels and 7 radio stations.

With a monthly subscription of GHS 25, GOtv Value offers a total of 37 active TV channels and 7 radio stations.

With a monthly membership of GHS 14, GOtv Lite offers over 20 TV channels.

Gotv Max Ghana Bouquet

There are 61 active TV channels in the GOtv Max package. GHS 76 is the highest subscription price for this plan. Previously, unlike GOtv Plus and GOtv Value, its users were unable to listen to any radio station. Seven radio channels, on the other hand, have been added to the package.

Channels on Gotv Max Ghana

  • B4U Movies, Iroko Plus, Zee World, Africa Magic Hausa, B4U Movies, Iroko Plus, Zee World, Africa Magic Hausa, B4U Movies, Iroko Plus, Zee Africa Magic, Family Magic Epic Movies, Eva +, M-Net Movies Zone, CBS Reality, FOX Life, FOX (SD/HD), E! Entertainment Television, Telemundo, Go Channel, ETV, Naija Stand Up Comedy, and Iroko Music are some of the most popular shows on television in Nigeria.
  • SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport Football, ESPN, SuperSport Variety 3 and SuperSport Variety 4 are some of the sports available.
  • Fashion is a part of culture and lifestyle.
  • AL Jazeera, CNN International, BBC World News, and Joy News provide news and commerce.
  • Jim Jam, Disney Junior, Da Vinci Kids, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, and Nickelodeon are some of the children’s cartoon channels.
  • Nat Geo Wild, Real Time, Discovery ID, and Discovery Family are among the documentaries available.
  • Emmanuel TV, Islam Channel, Dominion TV, and Faith Broadcast Network are all religious channels.
  • Trace Jama, AFRO Music English, Fiesta TV, and MTV Base provided the music.
  • Joy Prime, GHONE TV, TV3, GTV, Metro TV, UTV, ETV Ghana, Adom TV, TV Africa, and Fiesta GH are local channels.
  • Peace FM, Citi FM, Admon FM, Kasapa FM, Joy FM, Y FM, and Star FM are radio stations.
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GOTV Plus Ghana Bouquet

There are 49 active TV channels in the GOtv Plus package. The subscription fee for this bundle is GHS 48, which is the second highest. Like GOtv Max and GOtv Value, its members get access to seven radio stations.

GOTV Value Ghana Bouquet

A total of 37 live TV channels are included in the GOtv Value package. The package has the cheapest subscription fee, which is GHS 23. Subscribers have access to seven radio channels, just like GOtv Max and GOtv Plus.

GOtv Ghana Membership

If you haven’t yet received your GOtv decoder, go to your local MultiChoice dealer. It costs between GHS 150 and GHS 250, including free delivery, installation, and a month’s membership to GOtv Plus. For your information, a complete GOtv set includes a decoder, a GOtv antenna, a free one-month GOtv Plus subscription, and free installation.

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Gotv Ghana Monthly Plan Payment

Airtel Money

You can use Airtel Money to subscribe to GOtv. To subscribe to GOtv, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Select  by dialling *211#. (pay bill)
  • 2nd option (TV)
  • Then go to GOtv and pick a bouquet.
  • Please enter your IUC number.

TNM Mobile Money

To sign up for a GOtv plan, all you need is an active TNM line. To subscribe to GOtv, simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • *444# is the number to dial.
  • Choose three options (pay bill)
  • 2nd option (subscription)
  • Choose one (GOtv)
  • Choose a bouquet
  • Then, choose the amount of months you want to work with.
  • After that, input the IUC number (found on your decoder casing)
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Tigo Cash

Tigo Cash is a mobile money service. You can also pay for GOtv with Tigo Cash. To subscribe, simply follow the steps below.

  • Select 3 by dialling *511#. (pay bill)
  • Utility is the best option.
  • Choose GOtv.
  • Enter the account number, followed by the amount, and then confirm with a four-digit pin.

At this stage, I believe you have all the information with regards to GOtv Ghana Subscription Packages, Channels & Prices in 2023. Don’t forget to share this article to others.

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