MTN Nkomode: New Rules for MTN Free After 1 (2023)

MTN free after one

MTN has always been the popular telecom network in Ghana because it makes Ghanaians feel comfortable using it and because it offers them incredible deals that they can’t refuse. MTN introduced the MTN Nkomode (Free After 1 Service) as one of their bundles to ease their customers’ lives.

The MTN free after 1 service has been in the system for a while now since it was introduced in 2018 and recently, a few changes has been made to the service.

MTN introduced new rules for the Nkomode service in 2022 and changed a few things; we will walk you through the conditions and and also show you how you can activate the Free After 1 Service successfully.

About MTN Nkomode: Free After 1 Service

MTN’s “free after one” service is a service that was introduced on November 2, 2018. With this service, first-minute charges will only be deducted from your MTN bill if you use this offer; the rest of the minutes will be completely uncharged. At first, the call duration was 1 hour but now, the duration has been changed to 10 minutes. 

New Rules for MTN Free After 1 / Nkomode (2023)

The service comes with its own set of rules, which may or may not undergo changes over time.

The Rules: 

  • Formerly available solely between MTN subscribers, free after 1 is now available to users of all networks.
  • Formerly, the service was available for an entire hour but now, the MTN free after 1 service now lasts for only 10 minutes. 
  • Also, bonus airtime credit can be used for calls to any network.
  • Customers can now freely communicate with their loved ones on other networks and also get 70MB of free data to browse the web online.
  • MTN Nkomode: How To Activate MTN Free After 1 Service
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Details of MTN Free After 1 / Nkomode

With MTN free after 1, your first minute of any call is just GHSO.31, and you get 10 minutes of free talk-time to any network.

In addition, you have 70MB of data with which to explore the web. When you spend your bonus, you can contact anyone on any network.

Short Code for MTN Free After 1 

The shortcode for MTN free after 1 service or MTN Nkomode is *550#

How To Activate the Service 

  1. Dial *550#
  2. Then, Select 6 (Free After 1).
  3. After, Select 1 (Activate) to activate the service.
  4. Finally, Select Option 1 once again to confirm.
  5. Voila! You have now subscribed to MTN Nkomode/free after 1 service.


I believe by now, you have been educated on the New Rules set by MTN for their well-known Nkomode or Free After 1 service and how it runs in 2023.

When you sign up for the “free after 1” service, you’ll only be charged GHS 0.31 for the first minute of every call, and the rest will be free for 10 minutes.


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