8 IT Jobs That Don’t Need Lots of Experience And Qualification

8 Jobs that don’t need lots of experience and qualification

8 IT Jobs That Don’t Need Lots of Experience and Qualification

No matter what industry you find yourself in, the job-hunting process can be arduous. It takes a certain amount of energy and persistence to land yourself a sustainable job for the short term, especially in the IT sector. As you advance through your career, finding a better job requires patience and more determination.

Finding a job these days primarily comes down to experience. However, you may be surprised there are some IT roles where veteran experience or qualification isn’t too essential. IT jobs will always have a demand, especially as the industry only looks to increase in the years to come. This is good news for those who don’t have much experience to rely on. Simply build a portfolio, expand your network, and you’ll be off on the right foot.

Check out these 8 IT roles that don’t require lots of experience; 

8 Jobs that don’t need lots of experience and qualification

These are roles that usually require individuals to know and understand what they are doing. In certain cases, degrees are not much needed here. All that’s needed is for the applicant to show a portfolio of what he/she is capable of doing. The roles are:

1. Web Developer

The world of tech is only growing by the day, with roles becoming a dime a dozen. Since the industry is inventing new innovative roles constantly, older roles are still being sought. Take, for instance, the position of a web developer. While the role requires competency in some respect, experience doesn’t matter that much at the end of the day.

What prospective web developers should know about is that a portfolio is critical to your success. Try to do a few experimental projects first, using the latest web technologies available. The more you flesh out these projects, the better your chances are of landing a great position!

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2. Web Designer

On the flip side of the web development coin lies the role of a web designer. A web designer is different from its counterpart due in part to the obligations the individual has. Normally, being adept at the latest web technologies, such as JavaScript, isn’t necessary. However, web designers should have a basic knowledge of it if they need to.

Web designers also do not require a ton of experience to land their first job. All that is really needed, again, is a portfolio. You’ll want to use a few design technologies to showcase your knowledge in this area.

3. Digital Marketer

Technology and IT have singlehandedly transformed how marketing operates. While traditional methods of marketing are still useful, digital practices have become the norm. To each marketer’s benefit, there isn’t an inherent need to know all the ins and outs of the role either.

If you are a good communicator and know how to market a digitally conceived product, you’ll be good to go. A degree is not required, but a certificate or credential of some kind will bolster your resume. Like many other roles in IT, developing a portfolio of past client work will translate better during an interview.

4. Systems Analyst

Every modern-day organization will have an IT department of some sort. The individuals who work here are always in search of new ways to make operating systems more efficient. Normally, these individuals are known as system analysts, and they are quite easy to get into.

These roles would generally require a degree in computer science or a similar field for the most part. However, many system analysts in today’s workforce do not require the credential. Similar experience in a previously held tech-related role will be your best friend here.

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5. Network Engineer

Distinct engineers have developed the networks that connect our devices. This allows for communication to run seamlessly. Should any issues arise in this form of communication, a network engineer will be able to diagnose the problem thoroughly.

Should a prospective employee have experience working with physical hardware, this job will be easy to land. You can easily find entry-level roles with a simple search on a requisite job board.

6. Support Specialist

Those who are great with communication and know-how to diagnose computer issues can get a role here. Support specialists don’t require much experience to work with, so long as they know how to get the job done for a client.

7. Cybersecurity

One of the most in-demand jobs today in IT has to do with the area of cybersecurity. While many of the advanced positions require the right credentials, others do not. For example, you may be able to land a cybersecurity analyst entry-level role quite easily.

8. Aerospace Technician

Despite this job title giving the indication that it has to do with aircraft, computer-based roles are available. All that is generally required to get a role is to have minor experience in a similar technician role, as well as the right vocational training.

What do you have to do if you find these job roles without experience and qualification  interesting?

Even without any qualification or experience, the above roles can be learnt through GoogleYouTube videos and in professional cases, short (online) courses that provide certification. Check here for free online courses with certificates. 

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Also, they are easy to learn and understand if only you are interested in that role. You can have a degree elsewhere, but can learn these roles to further improve yourself.

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