Who is Jason McGowan? Biography, Career, and More

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Who is Jason McGowan?

Jason McGowan is a well-known American entrepreneur who is acknowledged for his success with the bakery, Crumbl Cookies together with his cousin Sawyer Hemsley. He is a founder and the current CEO of Crumbl Cookies.

Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley set out to create the finest cookie bakery in all of America. The bakery has been open for nearly six years, and business is booming faster than a speeding bullet.

Jason McGowan, CEO and Founder of Crumbl Cookies


Jason McGowan was born on April 13, 1982, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, making him a Canadian citizen by birth. The first years of Jason McGowan’s life were spent in Canada. His father was likewise successful in business. The senior McGowan operated a small transportation company, which provided airport shuttle services to and from Calgary.

In July of 2021, Jason McGowan became a United States citizen and proudly shared the news on social media.

His religiously devoted wife Whitney has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Technology. They value family time and vacations equally. Jason spends his free time reading and writing.

Jason McGowan‘s Early Life and Career Development

Born in Canada, Jason completed eighth grade. Jason, though, would rather spend his free time observing his father at work than he would with his pals.

Jason was inspired to pursue his goals by watching his hardworking father. He hoped to one day launch his business and apply the wisdom he’d gained from his father.

Jason McGowan made a hasty decision to travel to the United States when he was young and set out to realize the American Dream. Arriving in the country was the easy part of the goal; making a home for himself was another story.

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In the beginning of his adventure, Jason relied heavily on the generosity of friends and the compassion of strangers to get by. One day, Jason got an unexpected employment offer to make a website with a $800 budget. Even though Jason could use the cash, he didn’t have a clue about web design at the moment.

Jason was desperate enough to take the project and study web design online in order to ensure his own survival. It’s remarkable that he was able to create a fully operational website from scratch.

Jason persisted in honing the lucrative expertise he had discovered, so laying the groundwork for the realization of his entrepreneurial aspirations. He advertised himself and soon found himself in high demand. Jason’s vision of building a successful business crystallized as his number of dedicated customers expanded.

Career Accomplishment and the Beginning of Crumbl Cookies

Jason McGowan’s hobby of creating websites quickly grew into a successful career, and he began collaborating with prominent figures in his field. His most notable accomplishment to this point is the development of the “We’re Related” on the Facebook platform. The dominant social networking platform was just getting its start at this time.

He worked for the genealogical software Ancestry, where he met his college-aged second cousin once removed Sawyer Hemsley. At the time, both Sawyer and Jason were considering their post-university prospects. You may want to know about the life and career of Lisa Bonet.

Both of them were serious bakers. In 2017, the two established their business as “Crumbl Cookies,” opening a shop in Logan, Utah. They tried out many iterations of the recipe, gave out free samples to various people, and incorporated their feedback before opening up shop.

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Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan in a picture with another lady

The moment the two entrepreneurs started their bakery, it became an instant success. From developing the product to promoting it, we thought of everything. Sawyer oversaw the business operations and marketing, while Jason handled the backend infrastructure.

They publicized themselves and made connections with potential customers via social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They successfully advocated for customers to provide feedback and reviews using the company’s official social media accounts.

Staff and team of Crumbl Cookies

Jason is the current CEO, and Sawyer Hemsley is the current COO. With over 478 locations, Crumbl Cookies is quickly becoming one of the most popular bakery chains in the United States.


Net Worth of Jason McGowan

In 2023, his wealth is estimated at $15 million. Jason’s cookie business has been a significant source of income for him so far. Crumbl Cookies has been doing well financially since its inception in 2017. The company has done well over the past several years, and much more expansion is anticipated for the future.

Social Media of Jason McGowan

Although Crumbl Cookies rely extensively on social media for advertising objectives, owner Jason McGowan also uses the platforms on a personal level. He has personal accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You can visit his social media accounts via the handles and links below:

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