Top 10 Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

Top 10 Medium Length Men's Hairstyles

Did you know that men’s hairstyles come in all lengths? It’s true! Depending on your hair type and personal preference, it might be easier to choose a medium-length hairstyle for men.

Check out this post to see the best medium length mens hairstyles and see which ones work best with your features.

When we talk about a medium-length hairstyle, we usually talk about anything from just below the ears to as long as mid-back. In the case of men’s medium-length hairstyles, the definition is a bit tough.

Normally, we think of it as anything from below the earlobe to about mid-back with hair pulled back and away from your face. The distinction between short and medium length is also a bit blurry for men’s hairstyles. 

The best part about the following medium-length hairstyles is that they all look good on just about any guy! Whether you are looking for a haircut because your hair has gotten too long and shaggy, or you’re bored of your current style, or you’ve been growing it out for a while, these styles will be sure to impress.

Top 10 Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles

1) Blowout

The blowout hairstyle is a classic look that has been popular for quite a while, and it has recently seen a resurgence over the past few years. While it’s not as high-maintenance as longer, more “styled” looks, it involves some special products and styling techniques to get the look right.

Blow Out Mens Medium length Haircut
(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

One that works best for medium-length hairstyles for men is the blowout, even though it requires you to use a bit more product than you might use on other haircuts.  It would help if you were careful in areas around the hairline, though, because you don’t want to damage the hair you are growing there permanently. 

After your hair is completely dry, apply a styling cream or gel to protect it and give it more texture. Then comb it up in big sections and finish combing out all the sections of hair that you applied the styling cream or gel.

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Blowout Mens haircut
(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

2) Quiff medium length men’s hairstyles

The quiff is another haircut that is sure to impress when done on medium-length hair. The quiff has been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until a few years ago, when it made a comeback, and everyone wanted to try it out for themselves.  

Quiff Mens Hairstyle
(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

The trick with this hairstyle is to keep everything neat and well-groomed. If you have curly hair, it can be a bit more difficult, but if you are blessed with straight hair, you should be all set to try the quiff. 

Quiff Hairstyle for men
Quiff Color Hairstyle for men (photo Credit: Pinterest)

Use a hand-held mirror on one side of the head so that you can see the back of your head. Once you are done styling the front of your hair, flip over and style the back section. Make sure to comb or brush out any tangles in your hair to not turn into knots during styling.

3) Slick Back

The slick back hairstyle is ideal for anyone who wants their hair to be long and smooth. It is easy to look professional when you have a slick back.

Slick Back Hairstyles
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

To get this style, you’ll need some gel or any other styling product that gives your hair body and texture. You can use gel to shape the hair around the sides of your head, leaving the top section loose and wavy. Comb your hair forward so that it’s in front of your face but still not touching it. You can use the gel to add volume if you want, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll look silly.

Slick Back Mens Haircut
Slick Back Haircut (Image Credit: Pinterest)

4) Side Parted Hair

The side part looks good with medium hair because it matches the length. It’s a simple look that works for most situations. 

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Side Parted Hair For men
Side Parted Hairstyle For men (Credit: Pinterest)

The side part is easy to maintain and doesn’t require any special skills. Simply comb your hair to one side and then back to the other, then apply some product for shapes, such as a paste or gel. 

5) Natural Waves

Some guys prefer to keep their hair looking more natural and only want to use some product to hold their hair in place. 

Natural Waves Haircut
Natural Waves Haircut (Credit: Pinterest)

If you have wavy medium-length hair, it can look great when left loose on your shoulders. If you want it a bit longer, you can always add some layers, so your hair falls over the ears. 

This look is ideal for anyone who wants the best of both worlds. 

Natural Waves Mens medium hairstyle

Natural Waves Mens medium hairstyles
Natural Waves Mens medium hairstyle (Credit: Pinterest)

6) Undercut medium length men’s hairstyles

This hairstyle is best for guys with medium to thick hair who want to keep their hair looking a bit more natural and have a bit more control over their style. 

Undercut Hairstyle men
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

For this style, tape or bobby pins the top portion of your hair back, making it even in length at the top. Then use a razor to trim the sides and back of your head slightly so that they are short enough to not distract from the part.

7) Side Swept

This hairstyle is a bit more complicated than the others, but once you’ve got it going on, it looks great and is perfect for almost any situation. 

For the side-swept look, you’ll need some gel and a comb. After towel drying your hair, apply the gel to damp hair. Then use your fingers to position strands of hair that are longer on one side of your head in front of shorter strands on the other side. The aim is to create an angle and leave longer hairs behind.

Side Swept men Haircut Side Swept men Haircut Justin Bieber

8) Curtains

The curtains are one of the most popular medium-length hairstyles for men as of late. 

curtains Men Hairstyle
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

This medium-length hairstyle is similar to a quiff, but it has a more futuristic and dramatic look. This look is great for an actor or needs to look more stylish. 

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curtains Mens Hairstyle
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

Begin by combing your hair back from your front to back and then out to the side in an S shape on one side of the head.

curtains medium length men’s hairstyles
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

9) Low-Fade

The low-fade is a new hairstyle mixture of an undercut and quiff, bringing the best of both worlds to your look.

Low-Fade medium length men’s hairstyles
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

This hairstyle looks best on someone with medium-length hair who wants to have some hair at their shoulders.  To get this look, you’ll need some gel or paste to hold your hair in place.

10) Swooping Fringe

The swooping fringe hairstyle is ideal for a guy who wants to keep some hair over the forehead without going too long. This hairstyle is simple and clean.

swooping fringe medium length men’s hairstyles
(Image Credit: Pinterest)

A swooping fringe is a great way to keep your hair neat but not too short for guys with medium hair. To get this look, you’ll need some gel or paste to hold your hair in place. 


Final Words (Top 10 Medium Length Men’s Hairstyles)

In the end, medium-length hair is a look you can use any time you want. All that’s required is some creativity and a little bit of time. 

The great thing about medium-length hair is that it’s easy to trim or style, and while it doesn’t go very far on its own, it can be altered just as easily as other haircuts in this guide. 

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