Tips to Overcome Broken Heart

Everyone reaches out to be loved, but love is full of risks. To love is to be vulnerable and therefore we easily get hurt by the people we love the most.
When a person genuinely treat us with so much care in our everyday life, it generates into love. This love grows deep and catches feelings but unfortunately we end up losing that special person which strike hard in the heart and making one lost in the desert.


Helpful Tips To Overcome Broken Heart

Having a heartbreak over a relationship is going to hurt, because of what heartbreak does to your brain, body, and mindset.
You could lose appetite, as well as your desire to do much of anything. It is possible that you may ache and experience shortness of breath from crying during these times.

Confusion might rule your brain, your ribs may ache and your eyes may swell. You might feel as bad as you have ever felt. It is almost like your heart will burst and it seems there is no one that can help you.

You will have to take heart, hold on and get through these hard times.


1. Allow Yourself To Be Human And Feel The Pain.
The best way to often determine we are human and truly alive is the pain we feel and go through. Going through a break-up very difficult thing. It is very hard to feel such raw emotions, especially when there is no magic solution to make heartbreak go away.
This actually proves that we are human. It is extremely important to let those raw emotions out of you.
Find a safe place where you are comfortable and if possible, let the tears flow. It is our body’s natural way of ridding itself of the pain and hurt. If we don’t let this pain out, it will reappear somewhere else, usually causing more problems to your health.

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2. Note to Yourself – “I’M THE BEST”
To be the best of yourself, you will need to realize how amazing and unique you are as a person. Embrace your past experience and learn to grow from any lesson the past has probably thought you.

3. Be Happy
Spend more quality time with your friends or family, withdraw yourself from toxic or negative people and be less sensitive. Staying positive and happy during tough days is one amazing gift one could ever offer him or herself. Do what makes you happy.

4. Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is very important. Keeping fit will help you stay healthy, it will make you feel and look better which occasionally boost your attitude. When you love and appreciate your body, a certain feeling of self-assurance arises.
Keep fit is very necessary because it makes the body strong and helps you relief some stress. You can practice yoga, jogging and other fitness exercises.

5. Give Yourself Time To Heal.
The best medicine in the world for a broken heart is time. If your heart has been broken, it will take time for you to completely heal. Almost everyone thinks they will never feel normal again at the time of the break-up.
Some peoples emotions go deeper than others, therefore some people heal faster than others. The deeper your emotions, the longer it will take to heal. Don’t fight the healing process, its just for a while.

6. Find a New Hobby
There is never a dull moment when you have a lot to do and they should be things that interest you.
Include something new to your activities, something you will enjoy doing especially during your leisure time. You could play games, watch videos, listen to music or for instance get some story books to read.
Having an enjoyable activity that is not attached to work will help increase your happiness and satisfaction with life.

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7. Do Not Repeat Past Mistake
As we grow older, we learn from our past mistakes. Live your life with no regrets and do well not to repeat previous mistakes.
Failure do help us get better in time therefore, each mistake teaches us something new.
Be bold enough to live your life on your terms.

7. Make a New Friend
Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in times of happiness. It is a blessing to have an old friend but going in for a new friend will not be a bad idea especially when this person is mature and very positive one.
You will have to be careful in choosing your friends during this times
Make yourself a new friend who will boost your happiness. There are so many of amazing people out there willing to embrace you

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