Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Without An Active Internet Connection

How To Watch YouTube Videos Without An Active Internet Connection

YouTube is a great platform to watch videos and listen to music that you like, as well as create your own material and share it with the world. YouTube, In addition to becoming the second largest search engine (this is highly controversial), YouTube is now a place to find videos on any topic and listen to fantastic music.

The enormous amount of data YouTube uses is one reason why many people are “terrified” of it. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who regularly visits YouTube to watch the same handful of videos over and over again.

In this article, I will be sharing with you Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Without An Active Internet Connection. With this, you don’t have to worry about data charges at all.

Quite simply, it’s a breeze. YouTube has a feature that lets you save videos to your phone or tablet to watch offline, so you can watch your favorites even when you don’t have access to the internet.

When a video is downloaded, it can be viewed as often as desired without eating into your allotted mobile data or WiFi. However, please be aware that not all videos are downloadable but most videos on the platform can be downloaded. If the Publisher has enabled downloading of their videos, you can do so.

Tips to Watch Youtube Videos Offline

  1. Launch the YouTube app on phone or visit YouTube in your browser with PC.
  2. Select a clip to watch. When you play the video, you’ll see a Download button below the video. Click on it.
  3. Before the video starts downloading, YouTube will ask you to specify the quality of video you want to download which you can set based on your preference.
  4. The video will start downloading once you complete the video quality stage.
  5. As soon as the video gets downloaded, you will see a notification for the video being downloaded in the Notification bar.
  6. You will also see the Downloaded option of blue colour below the video of your choice, which means that your video has been downloaded.
  7. Now to watch this video without internet, you have to go to YouTube’s Library. There you will see the option of available offline, tap on it – you will find the downloaded video there.
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At this stage, I believe you are now aquinted to the Tips To Watch YouTube Videos Without An Active Internet Connection. With the YouTube offline feature, you no longer need an internet connection to watch the video for the next month. However, If you have internet within the time of one month, you can still continue to watch the video without any interruptions.

Of course there are other ways to watch YouTube videos offline without internet connection such as downloading the videos to your phone and watching them anytime you want. With this approach, you will need a suitable app to enable you do that which could be explained in another video.

I hope this video about Tips To Watch YouTube Videos offline or Without An Active Internet Connection was helpful. Kindly Share this with friends and bookmark us for more articles like this.


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