How to Copy Texts from Images Using Google Lens

How to Copy Texts from Images Using Google Lens

Nowadays, you don’t need to type already written texts anymore. There’s a smarter and better way to copy texts and images and it can be done easily with Google lens. In this discussion, I will be explaining how to copy texts from images using Google Lens.

Google Lens is one of the recent products introduced by Google. It is an app that lets you copy text from images without any stress.

Google lens Copy text from image

Uses of Google Lens

Just by taking a shot of an object that has text inscribed on them, you can easily copy the text and use in a lot of ways. For example, you have the solution to your assignment in a textbook but you are required to submit in a typed format. All you have to do is just to take a shot of that page and let Google Lens do the rest.

Apart from this, you can use Google Lens to load recharge vouchers by just taking a shot of the voucher and copy the required pin right from your screen. Then you proceed to the dialer and paste the recharge pin copied with the help of Google Lens.

With a recent feature added to Google Lens, you can write/transcribe any text written legibly on a plain sheet for the app to discover. This way, you save yourself from the time consumed when typing, especially if you’re not too fast at it.

In case you have some texts written in a foreign language you don’t understand, just take a shot so you can select the text and translate.

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The tool is very simple to use and will help you copy texts from images on anything at all, be it notebooks, textbooks, calendars, newspapers, recharge voucher, billboards, signpost, calendars,  business cards walls and other things.

Google Lens comes with some Google products for easy access and use. Personally, I have personally used it with Google Photos and Google Assistant.

Complete Features of Google Lens.

  1. Scan and translate texts: Google Lens translate scanned text.
  2. Identify plants, animals and other things around: Saw something but don’t know what it’s called, Google Lens will help you find out
  3. Explore new places nearby: You can easily learn facts about places around you such as landmarks, restaurants, car park, hotels, grocery stores, and many more.
  4. Find similar things you admire: You can easily find and shop for items you like and would love to have.
  5. Scan Bar and QR codes: Google Lens scans both QR codes and barcodes on objects.

How to Use Google Lens

How to Copy Texts from Images Using Google Lens 

  1. Install Google Lens for Android from here, and iOS here.
  2. After installation, launch the app and tap the camera or text icon below the screen.
  3. It opens the camera and you are to take a clear picture of what you intend to copy. You can also select a picture you want to search or copy in your gallery.
  4. After taking that shot or selecting the picture, the app will automatically detect text from that image and you can easily copy. However, you can manually select the part of the text you want if not everything.

There are ways you can use texts copied from your smartphone through Google Lens on your PC. Google Lens synchronize available devices and help you send the text to it.

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If you have Google Chrome on your PC, you have just made the process faster. One of the beauties of Google products is that they all work hand-in-hand.

How to Synchronize Text from Google Lens to Your PC

  1. Make sure Chrome browser is opened on the PC and it is logged into the same Google account as your phone.
  2. Google Lens Synchronizes a list of available options you can send the text to. Just select the PC from that list.
  3. You should receive a notification from the PC. Tap the notification and it will be displayed on the screen.

You can now copy your text to your PC and use it for whatever reasons you have without stress.

Found this tip on how to copy texts from images using Google Lens helpful? Let me know your thoughts. Lastly, ensure you share with friends.

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