Juana Ahumada: Facts about Pedro Rivera’s Wife

Juana Ahumada: Facts about Pedro Rivera’s Wife

In today’s post, we highlight all the details you need to know about Pedro Rivera’s Wife, Juana Ahumada.

Who is Juana Ahamuda?

Juana Ahumada is famously known for being the wife of Mexican singer & actor, Pedro Rivera. Although Pedro is very active on Instagram, till now he has not introduced his wife on the social platform.

Moving on to her spouse, Pedro is a well-known singer and actor of Mexico. As an actor, he is known for his works in El Inocente (2018),  Escape sangriento (1985), and Clave privada (1996).

Early Life of Juana Ahumada

If you’re a fan of the Mexican music genre then the name Pedro Rivera probably rings a bell. Juana is the much younger wife of the Rivera family patriarch, Pedro Rivera. Before becoming his wife, she was working as his personal assistant. Rumors had it that the duo was already doing their own thing at the back of Rosa Saavedra, Padro’s first wife.

Juana and Pedro got married in 2019, in the united states of America. Ever since Juana married Don Pedro, She rose to fame as fans of her husband want to get to know more about their new Queen. Many of the fans are curious to know whether Juana is an American or a Mexican.

She was born and raised in America, She is of mixed ethnicity. Information related to his parent, Siblings are not available yet, we will make those available in no time.

Her husband Pedro, on the other hand, was born and raised in Mexico. He came to the United States of America at a fairly young age and eventually decided to settle in Long Beach, California as his permanent home.

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Juana Ahumada’s Carrer:

Juana was not famous for his career as Pedro’s assistant. She came into the limelight after she got married to Pedro in 2019. At the time of their wedding, Juana had been his assistant for eight years.

Apart from her services as the Personal assistant for Pedro, there’s no information about her any other work or services she uses to engage in. As I said earlier she was working for Pedro for a long time before they fall in love with one another and now they are a married couple. As a matter of fact, she still serves as his personal assistant.

The Marriage took place in Huntington Park, California. According to sources, It was a secret marriage where the only person at their wedding besides the bride and the groom was the officiator. when the duo got married, a lot of people didn’t about it. It was about some couple of months later that the news broke out. While appearing on the Un Nuevo Dia Program, Pedro announced that he had been married to Juana Ahumada, his personal assistant for some couple of months now.

Although it was great news for many fans, a few of them criticized Pedro, Despite all the backlash, Pedro and Juana are relishing their married life.
Juana Ahumada

Net Worth of Juana Ahumada

How much is Juana Ahumada’s net worth? I guess that the question on your mind. from her work as the personal assistant of Pedro Rivera, Juana has a net worth estimate between $400k-600k.

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