Allen Bonet – All you need to know about Lisa Bonet’s father

Allen Bonet - All you need to know about Lisa Bonet’s father

If you are an avid fan of opera music, then I am cocksure you have stumbled on the name Allen Bonet if you are not an ardent fan of his works. Many at times are we glued to our devices kind curtsy, legends like Allen Bonet who are no more but we may not know much about them.

When you read the biography or the ‘about’ of someone, you appreciate their works better and you get to have a feel and a share in their world. Now, let us step up to know more about Allen Bonet.

In this article, I am going to talk about Allen Bonet and give you all you need to know about him.

Who is Allen Bonet?

Allen Bonet was an Opera Singer and the father of Lisa Bonet. Allen felt the world’s presence on 13th February 1935 in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. His mother is Jennifer Abbey and his father, George Bonet. He was their only son. Although Allen is born an American, he has African ancestry. Sadly, his mother passed away in 1968, and a year after, his father also passed on. Allen is no more of this earth having suffered a short ailment and eventually dying of a heart attack. By then, he was around 83 years. One thing that contributed to Allen’s fame is her daughter, Lisa Bonet.

Who then is Lisa Bonet?

Allen is actually the father of famous actress and activist Lisa Bonet. It is no doubt he was always given recognition because of his daughter in the media. Lisa as already stated is an actress who made a debut appearance in the 1983 TV series St. Elsewhere. She was cast then as Sara in an episode “Entrapment” in the said series.

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Since then, Lisa has been part of an innumerable number of movies and a few of her fruitful works are Final Combination, Biker Boyz, Road to Paloma, Drunk History, Angel Heart to mention a few.

Lisa Bonet
Lisa Bonet

Bonet was an Opera Singer

Allen was an opera singer anyway but his works did not give him that much fame and recognition than what her daughter added to his life. You could still check out some of his performances on Youtube.

Allen’s Relationship

Allen married twice in his lifetime, first with Arlene Joyce Litman, mother of Lisa Bonet and then finally with Deborah Church when he separated from the Music teacher of Jewish heritage, Arlene Joyce.

How many children did Allen bore?

Allen has a total of eight kids. While Lisa is his first with Arlene, he bore other six children with his last wife Deborah of which five are females and two are males. How was the father-child relationship like? He had a beautiful relationship with all his children until his demise.

Allen Bonet Net Worth

Allen definitely lived a good life. One that can be said to be of affluence but he never disclosed his net worth. Nonetheless, his daughter Lisa’s net worth amounts to over $14 million as of this year.


Allen sadly passed on some three years ago, 9th November 2018, and was survived by a few grandchildren. So well, if you read it well, you could now definitely have the biography of Allen Bonet, his relationship, career, net worth, and the reason the names Allen Bonet and Lisa Bonet are a pair!

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