A Day My Boyfriend Will Never Forget

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So I and my boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship and he’s very stingy. I requested for money to do my hair and he said he didn’t have it. I was very bored but then it’s not my money so I kept quiet. 2 hrs later I had an idea.

I sent him a text message: “Awww boo thanks for the surprise, 200cedis is more than enough, I love you” Then he replied in 5mins time: “me, sent you 200cedis… hilarious” I ignored it but replied to the first text:

Text: “but why is the reference message ‘transportFee’.. do u want me to come over? And why did u have to send it through a merchant account n not ur sim??”

He replied: “wait, what… send me a screenshot of the transaction”

Once again I ignored it and texted: “oh so it’s not from you, a friend I met on Facebook this week just texted me to confirm… sorry for any inconvenience” That was when my boyfriend went loose.

Him:1st text “what friend, he or she… why would the person send me a transport fee”

2nd: “Bae, talk to me… what am I missing” 3rd: “have u been demanding money from Facebook guys”

This is the first time in one month he called me Bae..

Then he started calling my line, after the 2nd call I called my younger sister’s line so his call could come as call waiting… he called 5 times, still call waiting and I never picked. I ended my call and his messages kept flowing…

Apologies mixed with threats… he just didn’t know what to say

1st text: “I’m sorry I didn’t get some of the money for you, how much did u need, I have only 300cedis on me now and I can forward u 200 if that’s what u needed”

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2nd: “u not even picking my calls, u probably talking to that guy who’s trying to lure u with money. Aswear that if u go visit him my ghost will haunt u, I can’t feel my heartbeat again” I said to myself “nigga relax, you not dead yet”.

After a series of apologies and threats, I replied: “send the 200cedis and I would be ready to even block the guy” It had not even blue ticked when a momo alert came then straight away his message came: “darling I have sent it”

Then he added: “block him please” I replied: “Tanx dear, I have sent his money back to him and blocked his line”

He replied: “aka Facebook des no(left with Facebook own), blocki no” I replied: “I’m on it”…

Then he called me and as I picked he went like: “Ohemaa, na why do u want to do dis to us. Please try to be patient with me at times eh, I have good plans for us..” and blablabla, I acted very cool and laughed my slim ass out afterwards.

I said it loud “next time”. I went to braid my hair which cost 80cedis pe which I kept on laughing about the whole drama and the woman was wondering what was wrong with me… In my mind: “Madam do ur job na madi lotto” 😂😂😂

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