“The Sense of Pride and Ambiance were Enough Intimidation” – Listowell Yesu Bukarson Writes about Asantehene

Listowell Yesu Bukarson, a former Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association, has waded into the seeming feud between the Asantehene and Dormaahene. This is what he had to say about the recent development.

Otumfoɔ Asantehene
The Place of Asantehene cannot be Negotiated
“During my days as the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association, GJA, I had appeared before the Asanteman Traditional Council to explain and also help address a situation by a media house that sought to denigrate the image of not just the Occupant of the Golden Stool, Otumfuo Osei Tutu Ababio, but also, the enviable Kingdom of Ashanti.
The composition of the Council comprised prominent Paramount chiefs, many of whom were lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, among other revered professionals with extensive educational reputes.
Otumfoɔ Asantehene
The sense of pride and ambiance within the room was just enough intimidation to remind you that, you were all but nobody, relative to the image of the Asantehene and his kingdom. The confidence, command and boldness with which they spoke in turns, was so intimidating but also spiced with respect and manner.
One of the topmost chiefs within the Council stated, “We are happy you have appeared before us, shown respect to us, explained the situation on behalf of your colleagues. Your promise to manage and handle the issues are welcome. We look forward to it. This is what every Ashanti should do”
I didn’t want to belabor the issues by pointing out that, I was no Ashanti.
Am a very proud Builsa from Sandema in the Upper East Region of Nana Addo’s E-Levy saddled Ama Ghana. I pride myself with the late Nab Ayieta Azantilow, the Paramount Chief of the Builsa Traditional Area who was a very close friend of the late Asantehene, Otumfuo Opoku Ware II and therefore Ashanti in general.
Born and raised in Ashanti, I made my point clear to the Council before I left that, there are about three things I would not want to see the media attack or do stories that are negative about. And that I insisted.
They include the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, KATH, Kumasi Asante Kotoko SC and of course, the brand and image of the Asantehene and the Ashanti Kingdom.
These for me are all there really are about Asanteman. Long story short, I did exactly what I promised the Asanteman Traditional Council. I run into battles with other media houses and some journalists who thought I didn’t have to issue statements on the letterhead of the GJA and to grant interviews in the media to apologize to the King.
I am proud I did.
I will do that a million times, given the opportunity. As a Christian, I am trained to honour the king. As a Builsa boy from the north, am raised to respect leadership, apologize at the least opportunity if that is what is required to bring about peace.
Subsequent to that, my administration is the only one in history to have first received an invitation by the King to interact and have dinner with the media at the revered Manhyia Palace.
At functions where the King is in attendance, he sees me in the crowd, calls me out and his security detail leads me to him.
A few times, I have had the opportunity to appear before the king.
Oseadeyo Agyeman Badu
On the other hand, I have come close to the Domaahene. This is when I represented Anas and the Tiger Eye PI team in a defamation suit against Hon Kennedy Agyapong. He was the judge who started hearing the case until he was transferred from Accra to Tema, am told.
He seem a very nice judge, lovely, easy-going, welcoming and cheerful. Before the start of the case, when Hon Kennedy Agyapong’s lawyer questioned my competence in holding the power of attorney to represent Anas, with Kissi Agyabeng (Now Special Prosecutor) defending me as a lawyer to Tiger Eye, Judge Mensah, (Dormaahene) indicated, “How can anybody related to sports in Ghana say he doesn’t know Listowell, I run football, I hear his name, I listen to him. His competence can’t be doubted”.
Before dismissing Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s requests.
I am no historian. But as a law student, having studied Ghana Constitutional Law and Ghana’s Legal System and Methods, I know the position of the Asantehene as captured in our constitution under “Chieftaincy”.
For the Domaahene to have said the things he said and how he acted, being the respected Judge that I have not only known but appeared before many times, marvels me somewhat.
The place of the Asantehene cannot be negotiated. It is defined and firmed by the Supreme source of law in this country, the constitution.
Golden Stool
The Golden Stool of the Asantes
Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears and eyes.
I didn’t come to revisit the past. I came to seek that, let none be deceived into thinking that, the prominence, relevance, and influence of the Asantehene can be doctored, soiled, dented, challenged, negotiated and or competed with. To attempt to do that without amending the dictates of the 1992 Constitution of our Republic is tantamount to watering the rock.
Listowell Yesu Bukarson
Listowell Bukarson
Let’s not pretend. Any such attempts would be exercises in futility. The rest of this and how any Kotoko vs Aduana games are more than just football matches at Dormaa are saved for another chapter, hopefully in my memoir”.
Listowell Yesu Bukarson
Listowell Bukarson
Listowell Yesu Bukarson is a former chairman of the Ashanti Regional Ghana Journalist Association. Listowell Yesu Bukarson is a seasoned sports journalist who has been in the show for over 15 years. Listowell is the CEO of Authentic Sports, a sports consortium.

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