ORGIIS GHANA Job Advertisement

ORGIIS GHANA Job Advertisement

The Western Wildlife Corridor is part of Mole Landscape linking the Mole National Park (MNP) and the Nazinga Game Ranch are undergoing accelerated degradation at the expense of the poor rural population directly depending on natural resources.

Major pressures such as agricultural encroachment, illegal logging, poaching, high pastoralism numbers, difference among the population resulting conflicts between the community leaders and illegal mining, combined with communities’ feeling of having the potential to lose their lands for protected areas, the lack of concerted and inclusive territorial management and inadequate staffing and logistics of the authorities in charge, political interference in Natural resource governance, hasten the degradation of these landscapes.

As stressed by local stakeholders, there is an urgent need to strengthen the Community Resource Management Areas (CREMAs), providing them with adequate trainings and equipment to patrol and decrease harmful activities and by developing sustainable economic activities such as Eco-tourism to benefit the local communities.

ORGIIS is working with the local communities of the area to address these challenges to improve the standards of living and contribution to protection of the corridor through the implementation of a project that combines economic development with biodiversity conservation.

The development of economic activities ( shea butter, honey and beeswax and baobab value chains – certified organic and fair trade) backed by improvement in ecosystem services (conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stock through tree planting and the preservation of water resources of the Sissili River, eco-tourism) will contribute to the creation of decent jobs, reduction in poverty and inequalities and promote gender equality and ultimately improvement in biodiversity.

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The project is an integral part of a global programme supported by Noé, ECONOBIO which aims to develop green value chains for the benefit of local populations living on the outskirts of biodiversity-rich areas, with the support of the private sector and civil society.

It is based on a holistic approach with three main objectives: Contribute to the development of sustainable economic sectors around the protected site.

This will consist of value chain analysis, capacity building of producer groups, market linkages, provision of improved equipment and processing centres to support production, etc.

Improve biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources by communities – with an improved participation of women to decision making processes.

This will also involve establishing CREMAs, enhancing the capacity of the CREMA executives, patrols, nursery establishment and reforestation, etc.

Strengthening the civil society players within the landscape by capitalizing and disseminating the project lessons learnt

As part of activities towards the achievement of objective two (2), the project is seeking the service of a consultant for the above-mentioned studies to enable ORGIIS deliver on its mandate with evidence and targeting the right areas and population to support conservation of Nature while generating income and sustainable resources for the CREMAs to continue to monitor and support its conservation actions.

Rational and Objectives

The assignment seeks to establish a baseline information on the potential of Eco-tourism development and promotion and to develop a strategy or plan for its development.

Main Tasks of the Consultant ((ORGIIS GHANA Job Advertisement)

  • Identify the potential ecotourism sites, products, and packages (including the cultural and natural sites) focusing on those that can be led and owned by the CREMA (community-managed enterprise) and/or those that can be of interest for community-private partnership.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment including market assessment for the Kukula Shrine and other eco-tourism products and services (including guesthouses, etc.) that may be identified. This is expected to help better understand the viability for investment in eco-tourism development within the CREMA.
  • Identify and propose actions needed to improve the Kukula Shrine and any other eco-tourism products and services that may be identified.
  • Identify the concerns of the communities, capacity gaps, and opportunities of developing the eco-tourism products and its socio-cultural limitations and recommend capacity building plan and training programmes to support the CREMA in the development, management and marketing of the eco-tourism products and services to be identified.
  • Conduct a comprehensive stakeholder analysis and mapping (including impact of their participation or non-participation on the ecotourism development) and propose actions on how to engage and sustain their interest in the sustainable development of the CREMA.
  • Identify and propose actions needed to mitigate any potential risks (eg. environmental, social, etc.) of the development of the eco-tourism as well as actions to maximize its benefits to the local communities.
  • Generate relevant information on gender and youth inclusion in the eco-tourism development (main constraints faced by women and youth, gender needs, etc.) to help better understand how to include and support women and youth participation in the eco-tourism development.
  • Generate a comprehensive report detailing the methodology, key findings, recommendations, and conclusions drawn from the assessment.
  • Develop a business strategy and action plan to support the development and promotion of eco-tourism based on findings and recommendations from the assessment. The plan should include strategies for improving conservation including strategies for raising awareness of conservation and community issues among visitors and tour operators, community members and other stakeholders and how to get their support. This implies that the consultant must ensure that he/she gathers all the relevant information needed for the plan during the consultations for assessment.
  • Develop a PowerPoint Presentation to summarize the findings (with less text and good pictures) and present to the partners in a review and validation workshop to be organized by the contracting organizations. more information can be access through the link provided below
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  • It is expected that the consultant must have at least five years’ experience and knowledge of ecotourism development and biodiversity conservation
  • A minimum of first degree in Natural Resources Management, Environmental Science/Management and/or any other related fields.
  • He/she is also expected to have strong networking skills, analytical skills, excellent communication, and report writing skills and ability to adapt and work independently.
  • A Master’s Degree and knowledge of the corridor (study area) will be an added advantage.


Please send applications to: OR

Closing Date: 8th October, 2021.

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