Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd Job Vacancy

Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd

Here is the Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd Job Vacancy. The company is hiring an Operations Manager.

We are looking for:

A leader who is hands-on and collaborative; someone that will thrive in a resourceful team and who is keen to work flexibly within the remit of their role. Someone who is enthusiastic, self-motivated, highly-organised and adaptable.

You will have spent a significant amount of time building a career in the agriculture and agro-processing space, keen to run a rural business with international operations, and ambitious plans for the future. You must be grounded in the day-to-day activities at the farm but driven by an exciting plan for the creation of high-value African brands exporting and marketing luxury African products across the globe.

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This position requires someone with a can-do attitude who will embrace challenges and seize opportunities for organisational transformation and growth. The position will require excellent communication skills, a person that works well with people at all levels and who is capable of inspiring a talented and experienced team.

Job Description

This position involves being responsible for all day-to-day business activities, increasing and diversifying revenue streams, leading the delivery of the company’s strategy and reporting to the CEO.

Responsibilities For The Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd Job Vacancy

Duties and responsibilities include, but not limited to:

Operations and Logistics

  • Organise, monitor, and manage international imports, exports and distribution. Ensuring that all local and international regulations are met and adhered to
  • Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures in collaboration with team members and organisation officials to improve efficiency and organisational growth
  • Monitor suppliers to ensure that they efficiently and effectively provide needed goods or services within budgetary limits
  • Direct administrative activities directly related to making products or providing services
  • Compliance with local and international authorities and organizations, including Mim traditional council, Free-Zones EPA, Ghana Standards Authority, Food and Drugs Administration and ecocert.

Business Development & Financial Management

  • Responsible for managing sales and liaising with customers; negotiating contracts, and ensuring local sales and exports are made to the highest specifications, value and quality
  • Strategically diversifying and optimising revenue streams, leveraging the many opportunities for agricultural production and processing with direct routes to market
  • Controlling cash flow in collaboration with accounts, and updating the CEO on a monthly basis on company position and direction
  • Managing and optomising the company’s financial systems, implementing best practice methods to increase revenue and reduce costs. Reviewing all formal finance-related policies and procedures
  • Managing the financial reporting for the organisation. This includes monthly financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, Financial and Management Accounting functions, regulatory and taxation affairs, auditing and all statutory financial reporting.
  • Evaluate key investments in equipment, infrastructure, and talent, maintain budgets and optimise expenses
  • Responsible for planning, costing and implementing R&D projects
  • Report key results and organisational strategic planning to corporate officers
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  • Direct management of key functional and departmental managers and executives (Finance, farm, distillery, workshop, quality assurance and social impact) to achieve monthly, quarterly and annual targets
  • Implementing overall company strategy as set in collaboration with CEO, ensuring monthly, quarterly and annual targets are met.
  • Coordinating and communicating with HR and Admin Director on staff-related matters such as training, recruitment, and disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Any other duties as assigned by CEO

Qualification, Skills And Experience:


  • 4 years+ industry experience as a General Manager or similar senior role in agriculture, agro-processing and/or manufacturing
  • International experience, or experience within an international organisation
  • Strategic planning skills: Must ensure the development and implementation of a clear strategic plan for the organization
  • Experience of budgeting, financial control and analysis, and management accounting
  • Strong corporate management, leadership, and communication skills; Must be able to support the development of a healthy internal culture that retains key employees and encourages their professional development.
  • Knowledge of business process and functions (finance, HR, procurement, operations etc.)
  • Problem-solving, negotiation skills and adaptability to changing environments


Advance BSc/BA in Business or relevant field; MBA MSc/MA

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How To Apply For The Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd Job Vacancy

Send your application to the email: careers@mimcashew.com 

Documents Needed For Application:

  • 2-3 page CV
  • A short cover letter explaining your personal motivations for wanting to take up this role (max 1 page)

Closing Date: Midnight, 16th September, 2022

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